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Monday, 12 October 2009


Shobie Partos

I agree that the waitstaff seemed overwhelmed. The chocolate / pear tart is to-die-for, and the french onion soup is also delicious.


You know i really want to like this place. My problem is i went over a month ago after they had just opened and had a pretty good meal food wise, but the service was harried and just plain not good. that was a month ago and it sounds like they have still not been able to overcome their service problems. When does the newness excuse wear off when the service is lousy?


Great post. I haven't tried Justine's yet, but am looking forward to the chance. I've heard good things about the food, but get continued reports on the overwhelmed service. May give them just a bit longer to work that out before I try it.


i almost went to this place the other night but i went to eastside showroom instead ... and they were experiencing a similar problem of not having enough staff ... the east side is getting so popular! i think the potential is there, they've all just got to harness it!


Blogger to blogger - I'd take some sweet lighting over ambiance any day ;-) And you're so right about Olive Oil being dated. Butter served at room temperature is so now.

Rachel @ boots in the oven

Shobie, I've been looking for a good french onion soup - I'll have to try theirs (when it cools down a little more!)

Mike, I'm still holding out hope... technically, this meal was about three weeks ago, so maybe they're improved? I'd love to know from people that have been there recently!

Kristi, exactly! Our service wasn't particularly rude, or anything, just overwhelmed. Hope they hire some new people!

Franny, we've had the same thing happen the last couple of times we've been to the East Side Showroom, which is a shame because I really like the place! What's happening with service around here?

Gastronomer, I would too! If I were more willing to have dinner with the early birds at like 4:30 or 5, this problem could be avoided. And I remember being excited about olive oil in 1995...

Logan @ Boots in the Oven

Hey- I still get excited about olive oil! Haters...

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