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Sunday, 03 January 2010



You lost me at "not only was our experience with this meat not satisfying - it was downright bad." It was smart of you to save that to the bottom of the entry! Thanks for braving Black's for the rest of us...I always go to Kreutz' and Smitty's and I don't like the windowless atmosphere of Black's at all.


I'm sad to report that I'm pretty sure your bad experience at Black's was not an isolated incident. I've been there exactly once and had the same problems. If you can't get the BBQ right why bother?

Jennifer Lasuprema

Aw, I always go to Black's! I toured all three once and fond I liked the ribs at Black's the best. Also, I love that they have sides! I would definitely eat way more BBQ if places offered more sides. Did you know their corn pudding has tarragon in it?! - Also, I had to send back some super-dry/stringy brisket at City Market in Luling that same weekend. Maybe it was a bad weekend for meats?

Kent Black

Hello from Lockhart! We enjoyed reading your review of your trip to Black's, but are sorry that we didn't live up to your (or our) expectations. As the third generation Pit Master and Restaurant Manager at Black's, I take a personal interest in making sure that every customer leaves satisfied with their experience, or that we do what we can to make things right. If you're willing to give us another try the next time you are in Lockhart, lunch or dinner is on me. I think you'll find that what you experienced on December 10th was an anomaly, and not the norm. We serve thousands of customers each week, but letting even one down is one too many. If you'd prefer, we would be happy to refund the money for your meal. Either way, please get in touch with me via e-mail at kent [at] blacksbbq.com and we'll make things right. Happy New Year and thanks for giving me an opportunity to learn about your experience.


first of all, HELLO! I just saw your message on my (seriously defunct) blog :) Have been so busy that writing fell by the wayside...we're expecting a baby boy in march!

and re: lockhart bbq - I've only been to Kreuz and we were actually planning another visit to one of the others last month, but unfortunately we didn't make it that far south. will definitely make smitty's the one to try when we do get down there again!

Boots in the Oven

Thanks for your comments!

Jodi, you're welcome. I still need to give Kreuz a try!

designSTUDIO, it's like, I'm sorry to hear that, but also feel a little vindicated, or at least less alone. Almost all the reviews out there are relentlessly positive, which is great, but was not our experience AT ALL.

Jennifer, hi! I'm a bit weird about sides when it seems like they're tended to to the expense of the meat, which often seems to be the case. Though I do love corn pudding! And I'm glad the ribs at Black's have been good!

Kent Black, thank you for your comment - it's wonderful to see restauranteurs who care about their businesses. We couldn't possibly take a refund, but we'd love to come back, and I will certainly be in touch about your offer. A Happy New Year to you, too!

Krista, CONGRATULATIONS on the bean! I'd wondered where you went! Isn't it great that we have so many terrific BBQ places around here?



Hi boots couple!

I've been reading your blog for some months now and was really excited to see you mentioned in The Chronicle the other week. I've never posted before but I felt I should here.

My wife and I drove out to Lockhart in early November to case out the BBQ joints. Being that it was a Sunday and Smittys was closed (little did we know) we decided we would go to Black's.

I had brisket and sausage. My wife had the turkey. I found the meal to be delicious. The brisket was fall-apart-at-the-touch-of-a-fork goodness, fat perfectly rendered, and not the slightest dry. The sausage a nice combination of smokey and spicy. My wife had turkey which she found equally appetizing.

I suggest you give it another try. I'd say either you went on a bad day, or I got really lucky. ;)

P.s. Love the blog, love the restaurant reviews!


LOVE the new banner! (It is new, right? I am a relatively new reader, but it struck my instantly when I logged on today.)

The "Certified Bitchin" is fabulous!

Boots in the Oven

Hi, AyeEat! Thanks for the comment and the nice words! I'm so glad you enjoyed your Black's experience. I really do think that BBQ, more than just about any other category, can vary HUGELY from day to day. Hell, I've seen huge variations even within the same piece of brisket - from super moist to dusty dry.

Daniella, thank you! Yup, Logan changed it just a couple of hours ago - I love it too. :-)


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