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Thursday, 12 May 2005



Hey Mr. Pants,

great commentary (moisten stamps with my eyes???--- aargh) and wonderful story and food....

i licked the screen but it tasted more like a stamp!


Clay Madar

Your dad is a little more adventurous than you give him credit for. I was with him on the Malaysia trip and he was Indiana Jones compared to me. He and I did have some really great Indian cuisine over there and I bought a cookbook as well and have tried to reproduce some of those great flavors of the far east.

L. Pants

Yeah, he actually is quite the wild man. I think he's embracing more of an "anything-goes-who-says-I-have-to- wear-pants" attitude as he ages (quite gracefully too I might add). It makes sense. I mean what's really the big deal about eating some strange vegetables and fried noodles when you grew up castrating your own hogs and bellying up to bowls full of squirrel gumbo?
He's a great guy. I hope he keeps traveling and continues to buy me stuff (or take me along, hint).

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