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Sunday, 23 April 2006



wooo how cool! never heard of such a thing. :)

Boots in the Oven

I hadn't either! I thought they were tiny cucumbers, until I saw the sign above the little bin - "cocktail avocadoes". Huh?

Husbear's right - they're really good, like a concentrated avocado.

Thank you for commenting!



Yum. I am guessing I would *love* it since I am a big cado fan. :) Have you ever tried avocado with a shrimp cocktail? I use to make that for weddings...to die for. :o)


Those look really amazing! I didn't know these existed, I too love avocado and would love to try these


cocktail avocados naturally occur when the embryo dies in a growing avocado :)


awe man Im sad! I have an avocado tree and saw one of these little guys on the ground, I assumed it was just a baby that fell off, I stepped on it like a little kid thinking it would be hard and unripe. Instead is squished immediately. What a waste! I hope another comes ..

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