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Thursday, 01 June 2006



You, Matthew, have hit upon my favorite food. The glorious tomato. In any form. Just this week i have eaten beefsteaks like apples, mini pearls like grapes, and even canned spicey whole, warmed up and with a fork.

Now about that butter thing..

tuesday i wanted garlic bread with my lasagna..so i just took a lot of garlic powder and smooshed it up with butter, then covered toast with it and let it sit in the oven a bit til perfect.

i also made cucumber salad, with cucs, onions and a mixture of rice vinegar, a bit of water, and 3 sugar packets.. it was superb.

I am the 30 second cook.. i mostly dont like anyting done much.. just eat it fresh...
I am not saying i dont love vinager and vinagrettes... but .. lots of stuff is best straight up, so to speak.

great great great picture of tomatoes.. the gloriousness is everpresent.



Those tomatoes look amazing!!

Boots in the Oven

Thank you, Pamela! And Auntie, tthat cucumber salad sounds right up my alley... I should give it a try.

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