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Sunday, 06 August 2006


I can't sleep and decided to get on the internet per usual. I had not cried yet about "ya'll" leaving, but after looking at your last blog suddenly the tears came. I will miss you both so much and will never find people to enjoy food and wine with the way we enjoyed it with you guys. Sorry to get mushy on ya, but it's late and the sadness is kicking in. You both were a big part of the cultivation of "Mike and Susie". I hope that somehow and some way you end up at our wedding. I know it isn't necessarily realistic, but it would mean the world to me and I am sure Mike as well. I'm never good with goodbyes so I am saying it now...I love you both more than you know and you better come back. Have a great time and I know Logan will love school...I bet he'll end up being the damn valedictorian (how do you say that in Italian?). Damn genius, you too Rachel McSmarty. You better keep in touch through G-mail or something. Also...you know we have like one friend now. Leheup. Which is not to say we don't love the guy, but he put bread on my food. Haha....look I made some jokes and stopped crying. That's a start.


Susie a.k.a. "the fetching Miss. Q"

Boots in the Oven

Aw, Sooz! I just saw your comment. We'll miss you guys too... we have October '07 completely blocked off at this point (you wouldn't believe how many engagements we've already had to turn down for that month. Ha.). I am also not good with forced goodbyes, so I will just say we need to remember it's always good to have a friend in every port. Stay healthy and sane, and don't let LeHeup put any more bread on your food!

(and come visit us, you crazy f**ks.)


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