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Friday, 20 October 2006



(Vino, vidi, vici). And I do know how it feels to be stitched with the needle&thread without being properly anesthetized.


I wanted a full on gory picture of the thumb. You're slippin' bro.

Boots in the Oven

RONW - Ach! Elaborate, please? I had stitches once in my chin, when I was 6 or so, but I had lots of anaesthesia... can't imagine what Husbear went through.

Brandog! Woot! We took a couple of pictures when we changed the bandages in Egypt, but Husbear didn't think of taking pics right after it happened. Would you believe he was kicking himself, too?



this is dirty, sick deja vu. i saw the pic of your stitches and i seized up and had these paralyzing flashbacks. then i kept reading and i was horrified and amused at how damn parallel our stories are. you, a wine bottle; me, an avocado. you, no italian; me, no japanese. you, leaving for cairo; me, papua new guinea. you, right hand but you use the left; me, the opposite [luckily]. same reaction at seeing my own innards, same bloody limb signaling passersby that this girl needs help, same un-anesthetized thumb aerobics when the digit was barely hanging by a hinge... alright you get the point. jesus i'm creeped out. just don't go doing any rafting and pop the already nicked tendon in stitched thumb and end up in a foreign hospital in traction for 3 weeks. i mean unless you really wanna have some fun...
glad you're healing.

Boots in the Oven

Ach, Tiffany... I hadn't realized all of the paralleles! Husbear did say he was thinking of you when he was in the hospital, though. The thumb seems to be mostly healed up, though - I think he didn't hit anything major, just veins and stuff - I think it made me more nervous than him.

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