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Wednesday, 10 January 2007



Hi, I'm from Cosenza, I found this page looking for photos on Flickr.

Just same information about the strange cheese with butter inside. It's called Burrino (translation: little butter, not really fanciful), and I think it could be found only in the south of italy (I'm not sure, but I think that the northes place where you can find it is Napoli). I don't know any particular reason to put the butter inside, it could be that in past time was used to preserve better and longer the butter, but actually it's only a really good cheese, with tons of calories. If I discover samething more about it, I will inform you.

I hope my english is understandable, and I hope you spent good time here in Calabria,too.





Your English is wonderful - please don't worry! Thank you so much for the information on burrino. It's great to have a name to put with the tasty buttercheese! I know we certainly haven't seen it here in Firenze.

We did have a wonderful time in Calabria, thank you for asking!


I see that you were in Rome during the rugby match Italy - Wales!! Our greatest "Six Nation" of ever! 23 - 20! The last day of the tournament was the S.Patrick Day (17.03), patron of Irland, so I hoped that they would manage to win the cup. The cup was won from French, with a breath-taking final macth; the only chance the French had to win the cup was to win the match with 24 point of advantage, and they obteined this during a scrum on the touch line of the Scotland during the last second of the match!

Are you still in Italy? I have an Aunt in Firenze, so if you need any information, you can ask me. And, if you can, you must try the "Fiorentina" a typical beefsteak of Firenze, realy good.

Oh, just a question: I don't have so much time to spent on your blog, but I'm curious about this: where are you from? Texas? In that case I think you have a great experience about beefsteak (according to the films I know)!


i'm a owner of Gran Caffe' Renzelli.I am 6 generation continuosly this historical tradition since 1803..200 hundred years!!!Compliments for photos and for the special shooting of the great calabria that you trasmit at all net surfer..Many things to see, many things to taste, many things to do...I'm back and call for everybody want many information to visit Cosenza and Calabria.Thank you for all!!!Good Luck
P.s. Sorry for my english...

Boots in the Oven

Ah, due Franceschi! :-)

Francesco 1, I wish I knew more about rugby! Now I feel badly for not having known what was going on in Roma that day. Yes, we are still living in Firenze, but only for 6 more weeks. We always love recommendations! And yes, we had large steaks in Texas, but the meat here is MUCH better.

Francesco 2, it is wonderful to have a comment from you! Please do not apologize for your English. My Italian is much worse. And yes, I encourage everyone to visit Cosenza and Calabria, and to make a stop at your beautiful caffe'! (I hope I don't sound like a commercial.) Calabria is just amazing.




I was forced to stay far from my computer for some time.

Where you will go when you will leave Firenze? I'm really curious, why you are living here in Italy? That sound interesting!

I've linked your blog to mine and I put in on my favorite on Technorati!!


Boots in the Oven


We're here in Firenze just for the year - my husband is in culinary school here. After he's done... who knows? Short-term, we will go back to the US, and we will be in New Orleans. After that? We don't know!

Thanks for the link and for putting us in your favorites! We really appreciate it!



Loved your blog. My husband and I just recently returned from Calabria...Cosenza, San Giovanni in Fiore, Cotronea, Lamezia and small areas in between. We are from West Virginia and you got it right. Very much reminded us of home. Most West Virginians of Italian descent come from that area. We visited the home of some relatives of a friend and had a homecooked meal. WOW! What a meal. I found your pictures on Flickr and will be posting my Italia pictures soon. My stream is throughrobinseyes.

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