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Wednesday, 21 February 2007



wow! i think it's official... carnevale floats in italy are WAY cooler than the mardi gras floats in louisiana! speaking as someone who lived in louisiana for 8 years. how awesome that must have been!


Thanks, Amanda! It was really quite something. Husbear's mom sent pics from New Orleans this year, and it was pretty interesting comparing the two. Glad you liked the pictures!

Pat Sinatra

Looks like you folks were in Viareggio at the same time we were. What a marvelous time. The many floats with political statements were impressive. (Bravo, you Italians!) But we missed one or two of them as they went around the circuit before we arrived. I have been to many Italian street festivals in New York and New Jersey, but I'd never been to one in Italy! The Porchette stands with the huge rolls of cooked pork were amazing. Toblerone carts and anisette wafers smelled delicious. No one threw beads from the floats as they do in New Orleans, however, someone was throwing hard candies at me! (The next carnevale celebration should be Rio de Janiero.)

Very nice photos, you certainly captured the day and saw things with a different eye than I did! Thanks for sharing them.


Pat, thanks so much for the comment and your observations! It was certainly a striking celebration, and we were thrilled to have had the opportunity to go.

tiffany jackson

what a strange coincidence that we've all had run-ins with lamborghini's farm equipment lately. i went to a wine tasting highlighting the grape juice, livestock and veggies of italy's umbria region. although it was all in japanese and i was nearly sloshed, i managed to gather that the family had retrofitted the farm equipment production line to produce snazzy cars after mr. lamborghini became disenchanted w/ the clutch in his ferrari. there was also some oooohhhing over the length of his estate's driveway which the chef said was [don't quote me on this] 15 miles long. i may not remember so much about the estate, but the wine, a trescone, was my fave of the evening.


Tiffany-chan, that is strange! I had no idea before this day that lamborghini had anything to do with tractors.

Made me think of that awful country song... "she thinks my tractor's sexy".

And I'm really glad you got to experience a little of Umbria. Yum.

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