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Thursday, 12 April 2007



Wow, they even have a sign. You'd have to be pretty dedicated to wait 3 hours! When I went to the Accademia over spring break I had to wait about half an hour in line which wasn't too bad, but when I walked past it the other day, the line was around the corner of the street and halfway down the block! Crazy.


Which is kind of funny because last week I had a girls' week vacation in Vegas (won $50!) and we heard everything BUT English on the streets. I would have thought all the Europeans and Asians were in Nevada. :-)


How many bedrooms do you have!? An open invite to Florence is hard to resist. But the weather is so nice (for a change) here in Munich that I can't justify going anywhere! :)

By the way, it's the same touristy stuff going on in Munich. The American English makes me run for the locals-only places!

Boots in the Oven

Darren, yeah - it seems like it's just in the last two weeks or so that everything has gotten so crazy! And same-day reservations aren't available any more.

Glenna, see, that is funny! It seems like all the Italians we talk to over here that have been to the States have been to either New York or Vegas - guess there's nothing quite like Vegas around here!

Mia, we have our bedroom and a loft. And we're only here for about four more weeks! (Sob.) I've been to Munich once and I remember it being absolutely beautiful. And the beer...

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