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Friday, 18 May 2007



I love your photos! Now I don't feel like I really need to go to London, except for when that caviar/need to drop 1000 pounds yearning hits ;)

I wouldn't have needed your justification for skipping the Tower of London for the pie shop, but then again, I'm definitely more fond of "our" kind of pies...which for your sake, would've been better, it seems ;)

And that memorial? The wine glass? Really? Um OK.

To each her culture ;)


Ahhh I love your entries! OH HOW I WISH I WERE IN LONDON! Eating meat pies (even if they're bland)! And even that eel goo, which I've sadly never tried before! Or not so sadly. Well..I want it now, even if it looks like...euh...eew.

I don't "get" turkish delight either. JELLEH GOOO WHAA?


Another wonderful and descriptive post. Hope Hong Kong is amazing and fun and curious. I was thinking today, that I want to have access to your pictures from this last leg of your global circumnavigation... I know that we will only see a very small percentage here... so think about makin' those dvd's with many gb of pix for auntie to study ! okay?

Boots in the Oven

Sognatrice, thank you! I tend towards overjustification... like people are reading this and thinking "oh gah, she was right on top of the Tower of London and didn't go? Freak." I'm sure they're thinking "freak" for different reasons...

Roboppy, glad you're enjoying the entries - I bet those jellied eels are hearty enough to hold up in the mail... if you were so inclined. :-) And don't think we weren't unreasonably jealous of your sojurn in Paris...

Auntie, well, hong kong is all kinds of awesome - I can't believe we leave tomorrow! A little behind on the posting... sure, we can get you our pics - but the burner's on the fritz! Can't tell you how much the external hard drive you gave us has saved our asses...


You're so funny! I feel like I'm running along with you and eating as well.

Paris Tarte

This post REALLY makes me want to go back to London, which I've been ignoring since the dollar took a dive.
The Rock and Plaice alone seems worth the $$$

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, Paris Tarte! We could only stay in London a couple of days - the dollar is PAINFUL. Not that it's much better against the Euro!


Oh, so glad you had a ball in London! Harrods is very impressive but there is seldom anything there I actualyl want to buy (although the terrine/pate counter is seriously tempting...) But I do think every visitor should go there at least once. As for the jellied eels- you are braver than I am!! They actually sell little tubs of them in Tesco and just looking at them sets my teeth in edge. Eel is meant to be eaten smoked, in sushi, if at all... Great pics!

Boots in the Oven

Ay yi yi - jellied eels in a TUB? No thanks, Jeanne!

I don't think I've had smoked eel - just grilled Japanese style and grilled whole in Vietnam. I was not at all a fan of the jellied type... it really didn't show off that meaty texture I love about eels.

And I feel the same way about Harrod's food court - lots of pretty stuff, nothing I felt the urgent need to buy.


Funny! We've just come from London this past Christmas and visited Harrod's for the 2nd time. What a wonderous place to enjoy.

My photos can be found here:


Thank you, CreativeGoddess! It's fun to see Harrods through someone else's eyes. Thanks for the link to your blog!

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