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Saturday, 19 May 2007



Two issues:

1) Millenium Bridge... is it one way? I'm confused.

2) WAKE UP GIRLIE !! We want to see Fat Duck post !!!

Boots in the Oven

Responses to the issues raised by Auntie:

1. It's a pedestrian bridge? I think you can walk both ways on it...

2. Sorry, no Fat Duck post - we will probably hold off until we get back to the States to do that one justice.

People will just have to find solace in posts about Hong Kong and Thailand... well, once we have Internet that we can hook our computer up to, that is!


Hey there!!

Just read all the London entries on the blog... and I'm so homesick now!! I lived there for a year as a student, and for about 7 years until 2004, I went back for a month every summer. I'm SO pleased that you got to eat at St. John's at Smithfield (crispy pig's ears ROCK) - it was a near-religious experience for me (did you get the cookbook?)! And Neals' Yard Dairy is the bomb. Wonderful cheeses with great names - I recall walking in and feeling the cheeses breathe...

If you haven't read it already, "Cornucopia: A Gastronomic Tour of Britain" by Paul Richardson is a fantastic book. And he has a scrummy recipe for Cornish pasties in there as well. :)

Happy travels in Thailand!



What a lovely surprise to stumble upon Neal's Yard! Next time you'll have to arrive on a Saturday to sample the raclette... Great pic of the bridge and glad yuo enjoyed the Tate Modern. I don't realyl like their thematic system of display (as opposed to chronological) but there are still some cool pieces. The Boccioni sculpture in your first pic is great. Italian Futurists rock!

Boots in the Oven

Ling, oops about not responding to your comment. Crispy pig's ears sound wonderful!

Jeanne, I was really glad we found Neal's Yard. I can't believe we almost missed it! Raclette Saturdays are where I'd be every week if I lived in London!

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