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Thursday, 17 May 2007



Such a great post!!! The weather sure does look awful. I was there in May one year, and remember it being so cold and damp that I wore every sweater I brought, every day.. just rotated the one closest to my skin. How can it be in the range of 55 degrees fahrenheit, yet be so bone chillingly cold feeling?

Keep the pix and posts coming, love them!

Albany Jane

The Fat Duck?! Awesome!

Sounds like a wonderful time you're having, and I'd probably have a heckofalota jetlag going from London to Hong Kong.


The Fat Duck?! Awesome!

Sounds like a wonderful time you're having. Hope you all haven't had much jetlag. Keep up the excellent posts!

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, peeples! The weather was definitely different than Hong Kong. Cn't decide which is better - too hot or too cold? Husbear doesn't seem to be affected by either.

I think we'll probably hold off on the Fat Duck post until we get back from Asia in June. But yes, it was awesome! And the jetlag hasn't actually been too bad. Yet.

Paris Tarte

Waiting for FAT DUCK...
It's June and I should be doing things...
No-name Indian place looks very good as does everything here!
Where are you going to India?
You'd love it

Boots in the Oven

Paris Tarte, I'm prodding Husbear about the fat duck - and St. John's! Hopefully he'll get them up soon.

I don't know when we'll make it to India, but I really do want to go!


Oooh, the Fat Duck! (sorry - I know I am waaaaay behind in reading about your travels, so maybe I will come across the review somewhere in a future post?!). I work about 3 blocks from Smithfields - the reason why you saw nothing is that it opens at like 2 a.m. anc by 8 a.m. everything is closed. And it's not so uch a pallet of aubergines as a pallet of lamb chops - the market is London's largest meat wholesaler as far as I know. Mmmm, curry dinner! Isn't it great? And I have to say the Brits know their sausages...

Boots in the Oven

I'm embarassed now... the Fat Duck review still isn't up! The boy has been working on it, but just hasn't had the concentrated block of time he needs.

I had no idea things closed THAT early! Next time, we'll plan to check it out around 5. Eesh.

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