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Monday, 04 June 2007


Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

Wonderful information - I haven't been much to the Far East but plan to soon, so I'm going to stockpile your info.

Good food pics, too - sad to see I discovered your blog after-as you were leaving Italy.


Wheeee! What fun you both are having!! :D You know, when the hubby and I get back home to Singapore, we are so going to get a massive dimsum fix. Massive. I LOVE the last photo - especially how it comes after the second-last one!!!! :D

Take care,



Thanks! Sara, I'm glad you're liking the information. At least we have lots of Italian archives...

Ling, oh, god, dim sum... we've never had the full-on experience before, and it was amazing! I hadn't noticed the similarities between the two last photos... thanks for pointing that out. Blech. :-)


Wow! What a cool place. I love that you guys are so comfortable trying new things and figuring out what/when/where/how. I really admire that!


Glenna, thank you - it's something we try to cultivate. Plus, I get to pick what I write about, so you don't hear so much of me going "I don't WANNA get out of bed! It's too hot and the taxi drivers are mean!"

At least in Bangkok, there was a lot of that...


The "waffle" you had is known as little chicken eggs. They are indeed a sweet snack.

Boots in the Oven

Yvonne, how cute! Thank you for letting us know.


Oh I am so envious of you guys! We were meant to visit Hong Kong earlier this year but plans fell through. The fod sounds awesome, as dos the architecture. And I love the flower market pics! LOL about the last pic though...

Boots in the Oven

Thank you, cooksister! Hong Kong was definitely an interesting time. I do miss the dim sum!

I highly recommend Oasis Hong Kong - and at their prices, a week in Hong Kong from London becomes fairly doable!


Sometimes haggling is so boring what will you lose in the end £1 or if your 70 pence or maybe £1? Yes you can think well I am in a cheap country so I want tobe cheap....thats why its cheap because nobody wants to pay for the beauty of it all?

Glad to see you enjoy it anyways.

Boots in the Oven

I agree, to a point - we understood we were paying tourist prices, but we didn't want to drive up pricing unneccessarily for locals and tourists coming behind us. Haggling, at least a little, shows that you have a handle on the fact that the first price is never the real one.

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