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Wednesday, 06 June 2007


Albany Jane

Looks absolutely wonderful! Despite the rain, it looks like you guys had a blast - and some cheap tasty eats.

PS - they make soup dumplings by using congealed broth - it's like putting a cube of broth jello in the center of the dumpling with fillings. I used to think they had some magical hands to put liquid in a dumpling and close it up quick enough!


Thank you SO MUCH, Albany Jane! That makes total sense.

We did have a great time - I finally today got up the post about our last day there! Wow, am I behind. Ah, well - no different than usual.

steamy kitchen

You are making me so homesick! Lovely photos and the dumplings look divine.

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, steamy kitchen! It must have been really wonderful, growing up in HK.

I love your blog!

Betty Leong

You did a very good job with your website sharing with us all about Macau. " Just love it"

We are a group of 3 generation will be going to HK for 4 days then continue on to Shanghai to watch the Shanghai Grand Prix. Would take one day of the 3 to visit Macau.

May I contact you if needed?


Boots in the Oven


Your trip sounds fantastic! Please feel free to contact us, if there's anything we can help with.



Mom's Portuguese and her family had a small import business selling porcelain and such from Macao. She's made the egg custard tarts many times. I've also had them made with coconut - kind of like a moist macaroon in phyllo crust - and white beans. Yep...beans. The cooked beans are mashed with eggs, butter and sugar. A lot tastier than you might think.

Boots in the Oven

Nakhash, thanks for the comment~ Beans in the egg custard actually sounds like a terrific idea, but I love Japanese adzuki bean desserts, so there you go. Sounds like a great family business!

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