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Friday, 08 June 2007




Albany Jane

Aww, that's nothing for dim sum! Then again I come from a line of hardcore dim sum-ers who would risk all health to try one more dish.

And I am totally with you on the shark fin thing - boo.


Even though it's just a photo, I feel like I can see those cut up fishies...moooving...IN MY NIGHTMARES!

Mm, tasty fish.

That guy totally has weird socks. Sheesh!

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, RONW!

Albany Jane, you must come from a line of serious eaters! Which is awesome.

roboppy, they totally are nightmare fish. Very creepy... they don't move too much, but you can see their hearts beating! In Bangkok, we saw a restaurant that served frogs, and they were just all tied together in a live bundle out by the street. They have very different ideas about what constitutes animal cruelty than we do in the West, I think!


It was great seeing you guys at the wedding. Margaux and I can't wait for you guys to come down and hang out one evening so we can truly catch up. I found a great page about our own hong kong market here in new orleans. It's not very hong kong though....more vietnam. I hope you enjoy.


OMG, I was worried since you haven't had a chance to update your blog yet - all of these travels and whatnot, glad to see you're OK. Are you back in the US?

Boots in the Oven

Robert, it was great seeing you too! We definitely are going to come down there to visit before we're outtie. Thanks for the tip on the Asian market - Mama Bear doesn't know of any up here in Mandeville!

sara, aw, thanks for your concern. We are back in the US now, so I'm set to start on updating the blog again! Real-time blogging from Southeast Asia turns out to be more difficult than I had anticipated - it's the heat and the stress of being out most of the day. I hope you're doing great, btw - when are you due?


July 22 is our due date. What's next for you guys?


LOL at that guy with the 2 pairs of shorts on. Methinks he had a little trouble with the weight of his luggage and decided to wear EVERYTHING he owns ;-)

Boots in the Oven

Very likely! Sort of like wearing all of your coats and your heaviest shoes on the plane. And it has the unintended side effect of looking oh-so-stylish!

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