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Sunday, 01 July 2007



you guys really are living the dream. i can only imagine how amazing it is to see all of these incredible places.


your "rough guide" has just been enjoyable.


AWESOOOME ARGHAAGR I love seeing your photos and commentary. They make me say things like, "AWESOOOME ARGHAAGR!" I wish I could be there to see all the fun stuff, besides the long bus rides and...stuff. I wanna walk on that crazy bridge! And eat fatty peppery rice!


Just back from Thailand and now it's off to New Orleans, is it?

I want you guys's life...

Boots in the Oven

Amanda, thank you. It's definitely been a crazy year, but I think things are about to calm down for at least a little while.

RONW, glad you're enjoying it! It's pretty obvious that we don't know as much about Asia as we did about Italy...

Roboppy, heh - you're hilarious! The bridge was very cool, but I think there are lots of things more delicious than the fatty rice.

Paolaccio, well, we're living just outside of New Orleans for the time being, because that's where my husband's folks live. We haven't spent too much time here before, so it's kind of a treat.


MAN! I was only looking up different types of bananas on google images when I came across your page. I went to a Chinese grocery store earlier in the day and I didn't know what these weird bananas were called or how to cook them, so i was hoping that in your information i would figure out more about them. I started from the top of the page and unfortunately i didn't find what i needed. but it didn't seem to matter anymore about the bananas. I couldn't stop reading until the end. I admire your adventure so much and i hope i can experience the same thrill sometime in my life.

the most random reader

Rachel @ boots in the oven

Thank you, Andrea! Sorry we weren't more help with the bananas. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed reading about our trip! The thing is, most of the cost is in getting over there - if you can find cheap tickets, the day to day living is not that expensive. Thanks for the comment!


Hi, Andrea

I enjoy reading the entries in your blog. If you would take closer snap shots of Chinese tombstones, I would be able to tell you what is written on it. Chinese tombstone differ quite a bit in terms of information carved on tombs, architectural designs and size according to the deceased's social status and country he was buried in. Do email me if you decide to do so.


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