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Wednesday, 19 September 2007



well why didnt you order the fresh spring roll?

Boots in the Oven

Yeah, that would have been a plan... what were we thinking? Ha.


Excellent idea, great post... sort of saddening, tho...

Albany Jane

Oh, I remember taking the loooong hike up to Killeen from San Antonio.
At least you avoided the frighteningly plentiful buffets though, no?
I have to admit my first Logan's trip was this past summer in Tennessee, and it was surprisingly good, except for the surprise cup of shredded cheese on the salads. Then again the mountain of peanuts I ate in the five minutes I waited for a table should have been a sign that healthy wasn't on the menu.

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, auntie... it is, isn't it?

Albany Jane, I did manage to avoid the buffets, but Husbear went for lunch one day with work compatriots - we couldn't believe how many there were! And I did like the rolls at Logan's, even if they were sweet and squishy. Their food was definitely better than Texas Roadhouse's!


This has to be the saddest entry you both have made... What happened to your culinary adventures throughout the world? How did it come to this?

And, as a side comment, do you think you were a bit biased toward "Logan's"?

Without catfish,

Boots in the Oven


See, I'm going to tell myself you're just jealous that you can't enjoy this kind of Americana in Florence. Yeah, that's it.

And I know I was biased towards Logan's, but I think the man himself may have actually been biased against it! Did you see the look on his face in that first picture?


i was thinking about the "award winning" ribs and wondered if people or restaurant chains are allowed to award themselves. if that's the case, i prepared an "award winning" grilled cheese for lunch today and it feels pretty good. i would first like to thank my mother.....

Boots in the Oven

Adam, that's the ony workable explanation for some of the foods described as "award-winning". I want to hear more about this grilled cheese sandwich, as I'm sure it was superior to the Papa John's we ate last night in Killeen...


Mmm. That looks almost as good as Mak's Roadhouse.

Boots in the Oven

Operative word - almost.


this is stupid...texas roadhouse is much better

Boots in the Oven

I suppose we'll have to bow to the connoisseur.


No freaking way !!! Logans is waaayyyyy better !!!


No freaking way !!! Logans is waaayyy better !!!


The Logan's I went to was a dump, the steak was flavorless, the baked potato soup tasted like it came from a can, and the chili tasted like it came out of my dog's rear end. Completely the opposite at Texas Roadhouse.

The one you went to won by 5-1, The Logan's I went to lost 5-1, so I guess it's tie ball game.


You reviewed steak houses and did not get ANY steak. You might as well have ordered off of the kids menu.

Rachel @ boots in the oven

Interesting, I didn't think steakhouses and roadhouses were the same thing... why don't they call themselves Texas Steak House and Logan's Steak House, then?

Oh, right... because they're poor excuses for restaurants, let alone steakhouses. Right.


rachel. This is every meal in louisiana


i have to ask for every salad with no cheese


Wow, those rolls from Logan's look gah-reasy!

Rachel @ boots in the oven

Aw, Eric, is not! We've had plenty of meals in Louisiana that might not be good for the body, but are at least good for the soul - these places are neither!

Laura, don't they? Shiny like a mirror.


Logans stinks, I'm just sayin. Anything would win against that place...


Logan's has a "health nut" menu items with little seasoning and broccoli with no butter or seasoning and a salad romain lettuce carrots n tomatoes if u want healthy u should order off this part of the menu

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