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Friday, 14 December 2007


Albany Jane

Holy crap - Bangkok is blingin!


An excellent post, great pictures, amazing and beautiful buildings, mosaics....all that gold --- !

See what people can accomplish without mass media to distract them? Let me know when you have completed your gilded mosaic'd palace and again are ready for ....

basic cable.


When I read the Emerald Buddha was closed, I burst out laughing: "Palace closed today" is *the* most common tourist scam in that part of town! The approach can range from very inexpert - someone stops you on the sidewalk and says the palace is closed, even though over his shoulder you can see people going in - to very polished: I once saw a tuk-tuk driver on a side street entice a couple of tourists, pack them into the back, and then steer straight across traffic to a side gate in the palace complex wall, guarded by a military policeman. Well, of course, he waved them off, because it wasn't a public entrance - but the tourists, who had no idea where the main gate was, were terribly disappointed. (And probably went off to buy substandard rubies from the tuk-tuk driver's cousin. And some portion of the proceeds no doubt made its way back to the MP.) That the Emerald Buddha really was closed on your visit - but opened just in time - just makes the story better.

Boots in the Oven

Albany Jane, it definitely is!

Auntie... well, we're working on it. Maybe posts about mosaicked palaces will have to do.

Maryn, that doesn't surprise me at all! People tried the same thing on us in Vietnam, as well. It's always worth it to check yourself - don't blindly trust people as a matter of course!


Great pictures of the complex. Those buildings are just breathtaking.


Thank you, Bonnie - they are definitely breathtaking!

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