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Friday, 08 February 2008



Jaleo is fantastic. but i'm so sad you missed the patatas bravas - i know they're as much of a cliche as a tortilla, but Jaleo's are awesome! (though it is so lame to tell you that after you've left the town where the restaurant is, so you have no hope of going back for a second round...)


Maryn, now I'm even more disappointed... we actually ordered the patatas bravas, but they never arrived! Or showed up on our bill. We had so much food that we just forgot until later. Dangit.

By the way, your Chiang Mai link was wonderful!


Heya Girlie,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I used to update it a lot more often but my new lifestyle in NYC is making that rather difficult. Nevertheless, I was inspired by THIS post to finally put up my post on Jaleo when I was there last Thanksgiving! It's so interesting to see that two totally different people from different parts of the world have been to similar places for kickass food, like ben thanh market in Saigon =). If it makes you feel any better, I ordered the patatas bravas at Jaleo and thought them rather decent but nothing really to shout about.

Cheers and kindest regards,


D, that is a strange coincidence! I'm always curious how other people react to the same things I do... and I really had no idea Jaleo is as popular as it seems to be!

I feel better, though still quite curious, about the patatas bravas... when we were in Madrid, we ordered the patatas con dos salsas from some little corner place, hoping for culinary ecstasy, and received fries topped with ketchup and mayo.

Can't wait to read your review of Jaleo - and Ben Thanh!


hey rachel, i like your blog. the pics of food look so nice. and now i'm hungry... i will def keep an eye on your blog since you update often.


Aw, thanks, Spong! I know I should update more often than I do, but now that we're back in the States, it can be hard to get fired up. At least we have lots of archives...


Girlie, further props on the writing... and extra propperinos on being able to describe a meal you had a week ago in such detail.


I just came across this post and, I must say, I'm now depressed. I'm not only a huge Jose Andres fan (please check out his new PBS show - it's on ant 10.30AM on Saturday here in NYC), but also I am a huge tapas fan. I do like it traditional. There are too many annoying places that try too hard to reinvent the tapa. After spending a week in Madrid, I realized how comforting and delicious the simple things were. I still want to give Jose's restaurants a try, but this post didn't really sell it to me...maybe I was expecting more? But thanks for a great post and, even better, all the pictures. I'm curious, is tripe or pig's ears on the menu? I'm not sure most Americans would order it, but it is truly a Madrileno specialty and would be cool if he felt like he could take the risk putting it on his menu. - Amy @ http://www.neverfull.wordpress.com


Thanks, paulo! Appreciate the propperinos.

Amy, nope... I didn't see pig ear or tripe on the menu. Now that you mention it, the omission is surprising. And I agree that it's a hard line to walk, reinventing traditional food. The food at Jaleo was good, but I wouldn't cross multiple state lines for it. His cooking show does sound interesting, though!


nice spread of food...i would like to recruit you both to join the microgreens eradication council that i've recently founded. their reign of garnish control must be stopped.


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JT Barnhart

You're just a font of awesome. Calder and goat cheese on one post. Well, done.

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