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Wednesday, 02 April 2008



Happy belated birthday! That was one sweet birthday spread. I will request a Grand Marnier crepe cake (with caramel sauce) for my next birthday.


Oh dang! Happy Birthday again! Now that looks like a feast.

Vietnamese food sounds like the perfect birthday food (since over here in London, the good stuff is way in the east and I'm in the west and too lazy to cross the city except for perhaps once a year).


Holy dog, that was *lunch*? I am in awe.


Thanks for the birthday wishes - I'll pass them along!

Gastronomer, that can definitely be arranged. Can we trade you a streetfood tour of HCMC, or is that getting a little greedy?

Su-Lin, I'd certainly recommend it - it was so much fun! All the great Viet restaurants here are clustered in one part of town, too.

Maryn, it was! At least it was our only meal of the day, or that would have been even more excessive. :-p


You have good taste.

Marrying an Aries, I mean...



I WANT TO SEE THE photo booth pictures with the assorted hats !!! PLEASE !!!!!


TOTALLY fair trade. One street food tour for one crepe cake! When you guys coming back to 'Nam?


Grazie mille, Paolaccio! Are arieses (arii?) and taurii supposed to get along well?

Auntie... eee! I'll see about scanning them. Husbear is wearing a cowboy hat with yellow string pigtails. Ahem.

Gastronomer, it's a deal! Unfortunately, we have no idea when we'll be back. I'd love to be there right now. :-(


I can say, with experience, that it's a very good match.


good stuff. hopefully soon we'll be meeting up for the fried rabbit ear/hungarian pig tail feast.


Yes indeed! Some weekend soon, we shall make this happen.

You got a recipe on those pig tails?

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