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Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Yeah I think your title says it all.


Hope everything works out OK and with as little hassle as possible.

Albany Jane

I will keep my fingers crossed for you up here - mainly because having to move is no fun - and you guys just moved in there!


:( What a mess! If it's one thing I hate, it's moving. Good luck!


Thank you so much, you guys! Now we're actually in talks with Wells Fargo about buying the place... maybe this is just the kick in the pants that we need to become homeowners! I'm feeling a little more secure, having read up on property law and all that good stuff.

It's just this giant sleazeball cluster that the initial realtor might lose his license over. It's really sort of hilarious - that is, if it works out in our favor.

Brother DJ

Be sure to not just assume payments on the delinquent mortgage, since it was probably at an inflated bubble price. Consider an insulting low-ball offer to make the bank lose their shirts on the deal, then use the savings to hire an assassin to torture and murder the Austin "owner"/scumbag and his extended family, pets, etc. Let me know if you'd like any more advice on either of these points :) Whatever the original sale price was, consider your starting offer at around 60-75% of that.

Not that I'm violent or have rage repression issues or anything like that, but I have an abnormally low tolerance for malfeasance and malignant negligence. As far as I'm concerned, stealing my sister's money is a painful-death-and-family-shaming-worthy offense.


Now that you've put up my torture/murder plan online, there's no way I can carry it out!

Thanks for the advice, and for sticking up for me. With every passing day, this guy and his realtor look sleazier. Collusion to artificially inflate prices in our development, et cetera.

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