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Monday, 12 May 2008


Albany Jane

Wow, very interesting. Also, kudos for getting past the not-so-stellar service. I probably would have been annoyed by it throughout the meal.

Even though there were some flat notes, I really enjoyed your photos. Hopefully your next meal tickled your tastebuds!


Thanks, Albany Jane! I have to say we did our fair share of eye-rolling at the waitress' back. Glad you liked the photos! Maybe we should bring out the tripod more often.


If I were waiting on someone who was so committed to taking photos that they brought a tripod, I might assume they were going to write about their experience and maybe be a little nicer to them. Happy birthday season, by the way!


Ha! Next time, we should totally tell the server that we're bloggers. See how far that gets us. Thanks for the birthday season wishes!


nice blog!

the gnocchi i had was GREAT (my fav out of all the plates) and i had no idea the pink juicy stuff coming out of the foie gras meant that it was undercooked! (it was my first time having foie gras). your pictures came out well...i didn't think to bring a tripod so mine were pretty dark & noisy.


Carol, I'm glad you enjoyed the post - and the gnocchi! Further confirmation of the consistency problems this sometimes-great restaurant has.

And our foie gras wasn't so much pink and juicy as it was, well, goopy. There's a definite difference!


Loved reading this post. My husband and I had a very similar experience at Wink about 3 years ago - especially related to the waitstaff comment...too bad not much has changed.

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, shae! Sorry to hear that our Wink experience wasn't isolated. Thank you for the comment.

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