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Sunday, 03 August 2008


Robert Clark

I'm feelin' ya' bro! The salmon was awesome (after the hangover incident) and I wish I was there for some BACON BACON BACON!!!
My Girl left town and started making uber Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches!!! The pescatarian doesn't know what she's missing.

P.S. No decision yet about where we shall live. She flies in tonight....so I'm sure we'll discuss, decide, and let everyone know very soon.

Albany Jane

BACON! Looks awesome. Lately I've been making bacon/cracklings out of smoked pork jowl.
And wow, those veggies are making me tear up from here. Spice-ay. Phew.


Robert- Holy crap! The suspense is killing me! Let us know what's up.

Boots in the Oven

Damnit, he waits until I'm out of town to do the funnest stuff! At least there's a metric ton of bacon left in the fridge...

Yeah, Robert, WTF? Spill!

Albany Jane, those cracklins sound really good. Smokey and tasty! And yeah, the Mr. isn't afraid of the spice... I'm pretty good with it, but he's just insane.


i LIVE for the capsaicin buzz. the hotter the better!

so did you smoke the bacon as well as cure it with the salts/seasonings? i've been dying to do some meat curing for a while now! i think you've inspired me to jump into action. :-)

Boots in the Oven

Nope, he didn't smoke it this time around. No smoker in this tiny condo! It should be fairly straightforward if you have access to the equipment, though. He's really loving Ruhlman's Charcuterie book - a great buy if you're thinking about curing meats!


LOL - I love the "get over it people" bit! No way will I let the health police dissuade me from bacon... My other half also does the same and maxes out the heat when I'm not home. You boys...!

Boots in the Oven

Jeanne, the man can't be stopped when it comes to pork! Sometimes it's hard to believe that he was a vegetarian for ten years.

Maybe the heat keeps them from thinking about how much they miss us? :-)

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