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Friday, 01 August 2008



Boston is awesome and mid-eighties, yo.

When do we get to find out where you're going/went?

Boots in the Oven

Lucky you! Where I'm going is supposed to be significantly warmer than that...

Let you know tomorrow or Sunday, assuming I have computer access!


Oooh, have fun wherever you're going!



I like the photo of your iPhone ... did you know that you can take screen shots on your iPhone now (with the recent software update)? Just hold down the home button and click the sleep button on top and voila ... a screen shot of anything on the screen!


107 oooh ouch. Just yesterday, at an art fair here in Minneapolis, I met two painters from the mountains outside Austin who are moving to Wisconsin. They've been there for years but said they can't take the heat and drought any longer. And here I have been thinking Austin would be a good place to move to...

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, Su-Lin! I was in Washington DC at my grandmother's house, and I had no chance to get on email. It felt really odd! Had a good time, though... pics later.

Cat, I've heard that! It's actually my husband's iPhone, and he's been resisting downloading the new software. Not sure why. I want to check out all the new apps!

Wow, maryn. This year has been exceptionally hot. 90 in DC felt seriously refreshing, and my family thought I was crazy. I could imagine just throwing in the towel. Winters here are lovely, though.


What are the icons for Friday and Tuesday? They look a little like mushroom clouds, which is pretty much accurate lately.

Boots in the Oven

True, plus they look a little vengeful to me. I think it's just lightning storms, but I've always wondered why the rain seems to be missing.


see, this is why I ran screaming from Texas and moved to NY (okay, not really. I met someone and moved up here) but still. Too hot!

Boots in the Oven

It is! I was getting all excited because it's been cooling down lately, but then I saw that it's supposed to be 100 on Saturday. Poot.

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