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Friday, 08 August 2008



I loved the plastic meats!


"Drunken stumbling bumblebees" made my morning. You should set that to music.

I am going to resist googling "quinsy" for as long. As. I. Can.


Quinsy (aka Peritonsillar Abscess, also called PTA) is a recognised complication of tonsillitis and consists of a collection of pus beside the tonsil (peritonsillar space).

I thought everyone knew that.

(p.s. The images on Wikipedia ARE GROSS.)

Boots in the Oven

Mia, plastic puts you right back in the olden days and all that, doesn't it?

Paolaccio, thanks! I'm curious how long you held out...

See, Bill, that's exactly my point! Wouldn't you rather die of quinsy than a Peritonsillar Abscess? Where's the poetry these days? (Of course, I'd rather die of none of the above, but given the choice?) And yeah, don't look at the pics if you're eating.

Albany Jane

Bill - I had to google Quinsy too!

And I agree wholeheartedly - that is some tacky, tacky china for a president.

Boots in the Oven

The only nice thing I could say about that china at the exhibit was "well, at least it's colorful." And that was a stretch. Thanks!


Quinsy, Dropsy - where have all the good diseases gone??

Loved this post - I felt as if I was there with you ;-) And mean, mean curators for not letting you take pics of the good stuff (like the wooden dentures that weren't wooden after all!)

Not sure about the soup though... Salmon corncakes sounded *a lot* more promising :)

Boots in the Oven

Ooh, Dropsy! There's another good one. The salmon corncakes were good - like crabcakes, but with crumbled cornbread in place of regular breadcrumbs. My cassoulet was really, really salty. Glad you liked our visit!


What a GREAT post !! Your descriptions are wonderful, and hilarious where appropriate. Can you imagine eating a meal off those plates of Pres Hayes??? Also, why are they called "the general's dentures" rather than the president's dentures?

also, if quinsy is having a pussy thang on your tonsils.. i have survived quinsy for more times than I can count... wonderful that antibiotics have saved us from deaths by quinsy! Learned a lot from you post !

Boots in the Oven

Aw, shucks! Glad you liked it. Thank goodness for antibiotics, eh?

I don't know why they'd be called the general's dentures here, but the ladies in the main house referred to things as the general's this and the general's that - perhaps he preferred that title?

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