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Sunday, 14 September 2008


Bryan - oz4caster

Wow !!! It all looks incredibly good !!!

How do you find these places on the road?

And how do you keep from gaining lots of weight eating all that food? :)

Chicken Fried Gourmet

I love Cochon, it is such a neat place. If you have the channel MOJO look for Daniel Boloud's show After Hours...he visits Cochon as well as other NOLA places.

If you go back, try the Fried Chicken Livers with toast and pepper jelly :)


oooh, when i went they offered the headcheese as an amuse, with homemade pickled banana peppers. made. of. awesome.

(damn. drool on keyboard...)

Boots in the Oven

Bryan, the short answer is lots of research! And we don't always (or even often) eat like this - our regular meals don't often get blogged.

Cochon certainly is neat, Chicken Fried Gourmet! We don't have cable, unfortunately. And while we were there, they didn't have chicken livers - they had rabbit, which I wanted to order. Too bad we'd already gone overboard.

Maryn, homemade pickled banana peppers!? Yum!


Oh man, now I'm going to have to make a trip to NO just to go to this place. But I'll have to hold off on eating the week before. Thanks for the review.

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, Bonnie! It's hard not to order everything when you know it'll probably be a while before you come back.


Whoa now this is my kind of place. Even that salad at the start looks manly!

Albany Jane

I can't wait to see what dinner looks like.

The pork ear salad reminds me of pork with the extra crackly skin, and oh, those pork rinds!


Love your blog!! You should check out the URL www.behindtheburner.com...it's an upcoming foodie website that's going to give tips, tricks, and fun information on all things culinary.
Keep up the awesome work

Boots in the Oven

D, heck yes! Now you see why I had to order a bourbon drink... to make myself look just a little manlier. (This is girlie, by the way.)

Albany Jane, we have to go back! Of course, we're there relatively rarely, and there are so many wonderful restaurants in New Orleans, so it can be hard to justify returning.

Holly, are you a pr person for that website? I'm seeing your comment on an awful lot of foodblogs.

michelle @ TNS

oh, the jealousy. the seething, seething jealousy.

*love* pigs ears in a salad.

Boots in the Oven

Oh crap, we incited you to commit one of the seven deadly sins! Or is that envy? Either way, a big YES to pig's ears in salad. We can find them here at the Asian markets, and might have to give cooking them a try.


for some reason, after all of your amazing and world spanning culinary adventures, i was overcome with blistering jealousy after reading this post. this is my kind of chow!

Boots in the Oven

Shucks. Glad you liked it. You should tag along to New Orleans with us one of these visits!


O. M. G. This is pork heaven! I wanted to eat everything pictured in this post, but mostly the crackling for dessert :) Why, oh why can't my husband get seconded to NO???

Boots in the Oven

It is pork heaven! The chef obviously loves cooking pig, and who are we to keep him from his dream?

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