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Thursday, 11 September 2008


Albany Jane


I have no clue what elderberries taste like, but I kept seeing them around here, but now I am kind of glad I never just plucked one out of the bushes.

That said, crawfish and jam (separately, although together might not be bad either) on fresh biskies? Yum.

Boots in the Oven

Thanks! I do wish it was easier to gt crawfish around here... you can get the frozen Chinese kind, and sometimes live ones when they're in season. In Louisiana you can buy bags of local frozen tails, and they're easy and a great ingredient.

paul of crazy like whoa

I'm a mass consumer of elderberry extract in cold and flu season... I'm more than prepared to accept that it's 100% the placebo effect, but it seems to work and the stuff tastes great.

I wonder if eating, like, A LOT of the jam would have the same effect. Cause I'd be totally down to incorporate that into my health regimen...

Boots in the Oven

I can't see why it wouldn't work! A jar a day keeps the doctor away. Though there's an awful lot of sugar in the jam, too.


My mamma always called that seive-type contraption a "ricer". I don't know why. I've heard you can use it for mashing potatoes, too. We always used it for making jelly, though. Oh, and y'all can totally accomplish jams in your tiny kitchen. I know you can!

Boots in the Oven

LaSuprema, ah! The ricers I've seen look like giant garlic presses that can fit a potato, but since they do the same thing, it makes sense they'd have the same name. Thanks for the info and the vote of confidence!

We Are Never Full

what an excellent post. you could also take a bunch of elderberries and dry them to use in the winter in things like sauce or (kind of like what you did) a syrup! love this post!!!

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, We Are Never Full - I bet a bunch of dried elderberries would make a pretty decoration, too. I'm glad you like the post!


Aaaah, great minds think alike - as you saw, I made an elderberry crisp a couple of weeks ago! I actually didn't mind the taste of the elderberries raw, but they sure do improve with cooking, and tha colour is AWESOME. I'm going to add a link to your jelly to my post :)

Boots in the Oven

I did! I think your elderberries mayhave been riper than ours, or maybe a different kind, because these were not tasty on their own. I think the syrup we made (some of the jelly didn't jell) would be great with nectarines in a pie or cobbler, though... and the color certainly is great!

Thanks for linking to us in your post!


I would have liked to see more of the crawfish etoufee than the mashed berries. lol

Boots in the Oven

They were both yummy! Ooh, and crawfish are coming back into season... yum...


This morning I had some Danish black current jam on my toast, and immediately got a hankering for some of the elderberry jelly that Grandma made when I was growing up. I have never seen it at the grocery store (I'll admit that I haven't made an extensive search), so if anybody knows where I can buy it commercially here in Austin, please send me an email at vendame@hotmail.com. Thanks, Hal.

Sue Nu

elderberry season is here again and i see multiple bushes along the road, close to farm land and along railroad tracks. im already planning my jellies, jams, syrups, wines, port wines and drying. im not sure i'll have enough time to go to work. ;)

Boots in the Oven

Thanks for the comment! I can't believe how many ways there are to enjoy elderberries.

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