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Monday, 13 October 2008



fajitas are great for sharing at dinner and also cold for lunch the next day.

when i moved to new york (like, the MINUTE i turned 18), my first job was at a mexican joint. the staff ate for free - the policy was basically "anything you want, all you want, every shift". i definitely gained my freshman 15, too :)

Albany Jane

There are definitely days where you need a pitcher of margaritas or sangria.

And movie? Do we get the inside scoop?


Guilty pleasure #457 nacho cheese. Your spread looks niiiiiice.

Boots in the Oven

Holy crap, spotty internet makes me rude!

Krista, wow - that job would have given me like the freshman 40, even with the rigors of table service!

Albany Jane, there's not too much to tell! He's working on a movie for HBO about the life of Temple Grandin, a really interesting lady I keep meaning to learn more about. Filming wraps sometime just before Thanksgiving.

Thanks, Gastronomer - what is it about processed cheese?

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