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Saturday, 15 November 2008



hot dang.... Saw the photo on Flickr and came straight here. It's much darker than any Mussaman curry I've ever had and I so want some now...


Wow! That looks epic. And knowing how you particularly love Thai food, it must have been damn good to get such a rave review!

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, you guys! I just ate some leftover for lunch today, and it's just as good as the Mr. describes. Totally unlike any other mussaman I've had!


Isn't it bizarre how sweet Thai food is in the US? I haven't figured out whether it's because Thai cooks think Americans won't go for salty or sour, or whether there's an issue of Thai food being cooked by non-Thais. (In Atlanta a number of the Thai places were actually owned by Lao...) Here in Minneapolis a new place has opened up, Sen Yai Sen Lek, that is owned by a guy whose parents are Isaan, so it's Northern Thai food and street food, and not sweet at all except when it's supposed to be. So happy.

Boots in the Oven

Maryn, it is strange! And you bring up good points. Madam Mam's website has a fairly long bio, puffing up the Thai credentials of the chef/owners - perhaps that's in response to Thai restaurants run by non-thais?

That place in Minneapolis sounds awesome. Think they deliver?


Have you done Little Thailand in Garfield? If not, you should, should, should.

It is, as they say, an experience.

Boots in the Oven

Indeed we have, and it's fun and great! Further testament to our enormous backlog (or, log of things that never get blogged).

paul of the clue-by-four

Ah, good. The RSS feed credits this as having been written by "Girlie," but I wasn't buying it.

God, I need to get back down there and do some eatin'. Are you guys (oh, all right, "y'all") gonna be around during SXSW time?

Boots in the Oven

Paul, yes - our RSS feed only shows one author. It would probably make sense for us to add an author, but when we first started the blog, that cost like an extra twenty bucks and we didn't feel like it.

That would be lots of fun if you came down here for SXSW! I *think* we'll be around, but you know the Mr.'s schedule..


i satisfy my p50 fix at least once every couple months. also, by the way....shit!!! i wanted to go to the "miracle fruit" mouth trip party dearly, even printing out that nytimes article and passing it out with vigor, boasting how my super cool, jet-setting pals scored this mysterious berry. but alas, opening a new restaurant has consumed my very soul and i was dealt very late saturday night. regardless, thank you very much for the kind invite.

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