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Thursday, 08 January 2009


Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

No Rocky Mountain Oysters? I went to the Big Texan driving from CA to TX one year :) There was a big trucker sitting on that pedestal.


I´m so ashamed - after 18 years in TX, I´ve never even heard of that place. But it sounds like it encompasses all the idiosyncracies and cliches of the good ole Lone Star State, haha!

Boots in the Oven

Sara, it would have been awesome to have a trucker up there... Jason just didn't seem confident AT ALL. We did get the Rocky Mountain Oysters, though they're called calf fries on the menu - I sorta glossed over that on this humongopost!

Krista, well, you'll just have to make the pilgrimage, right? It's certainly a huge number of Texas cliches under one roof...

Albany Jane

I love the moustache, and oddly enough, that can be one of the smaller TX 'staches. Put me down for 'tiny in comparison'.

Did you guys at least get to choose your own cow? Tee hee!

Boots in the Oven

Nope! No cow selection. And they didn't allow us to cook it, either. Actually, the steak wasn't very good... they don't age their beef. Disappointing, but I guess you aren't really there for the beef quality.

Billie Richter

Eliza Clarissa Dibble Robertson was postmistress at Dodson, Quay Co., NM abt. 1902-1906. Interested in further info?

Billie Richter


These pictures are great! I too, have never heard of this place and I have been here 22 years. I'm not going to lie though, that was definitely a Texas steak, saw the pictures and made me drool through and through. I can almost promise you that it was seasoned with Tony's (green can) and butter when it was done.. Medium rare-Rare and I'm in heaven. Great Post.
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Boots in the Oven

Sylvia, you've been in TX, or Amarillo? And yes, definitely a TX steak!


As an Amarillo resident who has had the unfortunate task of taking out of town visitors to the Big Texan WAY too many times, I can wholeheartedly agree with your statement on the steak. Over priced and tasteless (the steak and the joint itself) but hey, it is a tourist trap after all. Bravo for skipping off the beaten path and visiting the Golden Light. If you're ever in town after dark, swing by the Golden Light Cantina for a real Texas country experience.

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