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Saturday, 17 January 2009



You took yummy tacos home and didn't get any for Girlie, when she had to go to a nightmare HOA meeting?!

I am surprised you survived to write this.

Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

I love that first picture with your friend chowing down in the background! :)


Mssr. Boots -- It was a pleasure checking out some taco deliciousness with you and the gang. We'll have to do this again when the gordita truck is back. Adam and I are quite impressed that you toured on!


Now this is what I miss in the states! I'm drooling!



Boots in the Oven

D, don't worry - he did bring home some for me! That was part of the deal. I got to try all of the ones he mentioned, and YUM.

Sara, thanks - that's my favorite one of his shots, too!

Jodi, I can't believe he did either... I want to check out the gordita truck!

Marla, I'll trade houses with you for a week or so...

Su-Lin, heh! You're welcome in TX any time.


Ah, haha, now I see how he survived.

So wait, when he was holding you at bay with a stick, you had already eaten 4 tacos?! Wow. ;)


Mystery no more. That cup-o-noodles was probably (95%) elote/corn in a cup. Yes, it is strange but quite delicious. It's traditionally served with butter, mayo, chile, cilantro & lime. Get that next time. They good!


The Art of Successful Cooking

What a great way to spice up a pot noodle! I must try it.

Danielle, he was holding me off while he tried to take pics of the ones he'd brought home! I was hongry hongry.

Hi Mando! No, L is sure that they were roasted chicken cup o' noodz - he saw the guy open the container. I LOVE elote, though I've only had it from the stand in front of Fiesta - is there a particular stand that's your favorite?

If you try it, the art of successful cooking, please let us know what you think!


Heee, these look familiar ;) The first picture looks just like the tasties we had in mexico, but the last photo definitely piques my interest - looks very fresh for street vendor-type food!

Boots in the Oven

Krista, I bet they do... I can't wait to get down to Mexico and see the taco in its true habitat. (A college trip with my parents to Cancun doesn't count, somehow.)


Fun. I recommend with great gusto my favorite roach coach in South Central....eh... no idea whats it's called, but it's docked at S.5th and Oltorf in the parking lot of the charming Sunrise Mart. The pastor and tripas is the shiz and their open hours are fairly reliable.

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, Adam! We'll have to give that one a try. I know the exact Sunrise Mart of which you speak... lost a homeless guy there I was supposed to be supervising back in my political canvassing days.

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