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Saturday, 21 February 2009


Addie Broyles

Wow! I can't believe you had both stops in you!

I really liked Snow's, and we buy Elgin sausage in the store when we can. I agree about the brisket. To. Die. For. I found the drive very pleasant, especially when it's a Saturday morning and you've got the rest of the weekend ahead of you.

See you guys soon!

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, Addie! We brought home a lot of leftovers, though we did just about finish the brisket and pork shoulder. We even have a couple slices of Southside's brisket, though I don't know how Logan will be using them...


I loved your description of the food at Snow's and completely agree except the chicken was also kick ass when we were there. The pork butt is the bomb!

Definitely could have skipped Southside market. I think Elgin is completely overrated. I went once and tried all three Elgin cue places and didn't much like anything. For me, Salt Lick serves some of the best sausage around.

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, Jodi! I like your post's behind the scenes look at the people and the town from which this great BBQ came. ( http://www.tastytouring.com/2008/12/snows-bbq-in-lexington-texas-smokes-em.html )

I haven't been to the other Elgin BBQ places, and you're making me feel a lot better about it! Also haven't been to the Salt Lick since... 2002? Gotta go back.

Albany Jane

**wwaahhh** - Oh, brisket, how I miss thee.

And kudos for the gym - I know me and mine would not be nearly as lofty. I would probably be snarfing the bag of leftovers. Mmm, leftover 'que.

Boots in the Oven

Thanks! Snow's ships, y'know... or you could always take a trip to Austin!

Any time we make it to the gym, it's entirely due to the Mr.!

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