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Monday, 30 March 2009



oh. my. sweet. jesus. those look amazing.

also, happy birthday.


happy birthday from the not-as-sunny land of seattle!

Kristina from Seattle

F-U-N!!! that is the most delicious thing I've seen all morning. Happy Birthday!


I was honored to be invited and loved every bit of the party -- the food was delicious, the people lovely, the setting -- relaxing, the babies and dogs -- adorable. Thanks for letting me bring home some brisket and cupcakes for Adam. We split one last night and the poprocks in the nut butter still popped but the ones on top were totally flat.

Albany Jane

Happy Birthday!!

What a way to celebrate too! It looks as if you had wonderful weather and great company to share it with as well. If you were up north, I'd recommend a pop-rocks laden ice cream to serve along with it (called Fireworks).

I can't recall the Blue-Tobias episode (bummer!) I think being a nevernude has just erased all other episodes with awesome.

Logan @ boots in the oven

Thanks for all the awesome birthday wishes guys! If I had a good method, I'd ship all of you out some of these freakin' delicious cupcakes.


Wow. And just when I've developed this red velvet thing lately. You are making it much worse. Happy birthday.

Screamin' Mama

What a cute idea! They looked great!


Such an awesome idea! These would be perfect for the 4th of July!

Also- I love the Tobias reference. Makes me wish Arrested Development was still alive and kickin'

Scale Accessories

Wow! I've never seen pop rock cupcakes. The only time I tried to cook something sweet with pop rocks was when I made my own Dairy Queen Blizzards and added (on a whim) Pop Rocks. Not the best culinary decision I've ever made.. but these are so pretty!


Phil E. Drifter

Did she died?


How many cupcakes does this filling recipe fill?

Boots in the Oven

Oh dear. Hi! The recipe fills 48 easily and could likely fill more. And be careful with the filling - I've read about some folks using butter as their fat, but butter is actually still way too high in water content fo keep the pop rocks from popping.

Thanks for commenting - sorry it took a couple of days to et back to you!


Im baking cupcakes, but i am only doing one batch. Will this filling work on one batch of cake mix? (If cut in half?) Thanks! PS I wish i had the time to make these like you did.

Boots in the Oven

Hi, Kacey! Logan says he thinks cutting it in half would work well. If you have leftovers, we found they kept quite well for a while in the fridge, so you could always do a batch later.

Thanks for the comment!


Yeah! I'm so glad I found this! My son is having his 9th birthday rock wall climbing party this weekend. Pop Rocks are simply a must for me. I have ideas for my Hubbys 40th in March with this too:). Thanks so much.

Boots in the Oven

Eva, that's great! I'm so glad this recipe is still making people happy. BTW, the nut butter part turns out to be important... I read a variation where someone tried to use regular butter alone instead, and there's just too much moisture. I hope you enjoy!


I think Im in over my head now :(
I mixed almond butter instead of cashew butter, will that cause any problems? Could not find the cashew butter. I'm also hoping the "popping" stays till Saturday (made 4 days ahead of time).

Boots in the Oven

So sorry it's taken me a bit to get back to you! We've been traveling in China and blog/internet access has been spotty. Almond butter should be fine. I'm not sure about 4 days, though... did it work? I hope you had a great party!

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