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Wednesday, 08 April 2009



Great write-up guys! Let's do it again!


Gail's started a blog, hope y'all are well. She's about to pop...


Thanks for the fantastically witty write-up of the party and for sharing your beautiful photos. The bread pudding was amazing.

Albany Jane

I love blogger meet ups - always a fun time, and when food bloggers meet up? Pshhh, no one *walks* out.

And nice looking pud', sir! Mine always come out 50-50 soggy-dry. Weird little puds.

I'm also amazed at the presentation - it looks like everyone has pretty bowls/platters to bring their foods in!

Logan @ boots in the oven

Mando- the sooner the better!

I'm glad you enjoyed it Natanya! The food made the pictures easy.

You're not kidding Albany Jane, I could have holed up for the winter after that meal. Weird about the puddings, but I just kept adding alcohol until no one complained...


Hot dang! Can I come along next time?!

Ryan Adams

Such a great write up. That damned woodcock is going to be the bane of my existence, I swear. I'll be throwing a link to this up shortly. Thanks!


Damn that looks delicious. Why you gotta rub it in my face that I missed it?


Looks like I've got an eater on my hands. Not a clue where he got it from....



Penny De Los Santos

Great blog, I am so glad to have met you both.
We must eat together again...

Logan @ Boots in the Oven

Su-Lin, you're always invited!

Ryan, godspeed with that woodcock. When you find it, I want an invitation.

Jodi- neeneer neener. That'll teach to have fun somewhere else!

Hmm, I wonder Addie...

Thanks so much Penny! And thanks again for hosting. We should definitely eat together soon!

Cyber Rainbow

what a lovely spread. food looks good. looks like you went like on the sugar which is good. after all, there is no minimum daily requirement for refined sugar

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