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Monday, 11 May 2009



may i be the first to exclaim...holy shit, you ate at the french laundry. beautiful photos and writing. bravo.

Eleanor van Overdijk

Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful night, and congratulations for getting in. I tried for our 25th anniversary in 2003 but did not get in. I think the price has doubled since then. Happy Birthday to Rachel!


sheer magic! I had to look at those microscopic radishes again and again... Happy birthday to Rachel!

Addie Broyles

So gorgeous! I'm glad I waited to hear how (quasi)fabulous the experience was until there were pictures to accompany the unforgettable tale.

Happy belated birthday, Rachel!

Albany Jane

Happy, Happy, Happy birthday, Rachel!!!

Now just ignore me sitting here green with envy over that lobster. Ok, and everything else. :p


Nice work setting that sommelier straight and taking down all the chocolate. You should be proud. Very entertaining retelling of your experience. Truly loved it. Nice work on the photos in such tough lighting as well. It can certainly be tricky getting that focus just right in the midst of such culinary bacchanalia.


Why would someone waste French Laundry on a first date?

Jennifer Yu

Great pictures! And ohh how I miss the Vermont butter (haha yes, the butter of all things) - never had better butter before.

And the shortbread cookies they gave as their parting gift - so divine.

I didn't know Cory was leaving. Where is he heading to? My sister-in-law is actually going to extern at FL in the summer - too bad she missed the chance to extern while he's there. I remember during my visit to FL, we actually saw Cory go out to the garden and pick out something for one of the dishes. Things like that are probably one of the reasons why I love the soul and raw beauty that the restaurant upholds.

Thanks for a great read as I take my study break!


Wow - just wow.

Logan @ Boots in the Oven

Thanks guys! I appreciate all the good feedback and Rachel doubly appreciates the birthday wishes.

Tex- the best part was when the check came they actually argued about who was going to pay! It went like this:
Lady: I'll get it.
Guy: No. No. We could split it...
Lady: Really, that's ok. I'll just get it.
Guy: Well, maybe we could-
Lady: Give me the check!

It was entirely too funny. Who goes to the French Laundry and has no idea how to handle to tab?

Jennifer- Cory is opening up a place in San Francisco. No location or name yet, he just says it will be similar to the FL with more Asian influences.


Mucho thanks for the Qi. I still have no clue what to do with it, but I have since learned it's not avail. in these parts, so I'm being stingy with it.


honest and insightful. don't think i'll tire of hearing about or reading on this experience. shit mang...you guys ate at the french laundry!

Logan @ Boots in the Oven

Bill-It's not available here? Um. I'm kinda gonna need that back. Yeah...

Jackson- quite calling me honest. This is a public forum and I have a reputation to uphold.


It all looks gorgeous and so much fun! i only caught a glimpse of the deliciousness of Per Se, so i can imagine the full dinne was delightful! as for the sous vide.... well, it's all the rage these days. the peeps i work with use it for everything. So excited you got to celebrate R's birthday with a bang! :)


Happy 5th anniversary!

A pleasantly critical take on the French Laundry experience. I always like reading a culinary professional's take on FL because it's so much more insightful than the usual tales of going gaga for T. Keller.

Did you guys get a chance to dine at Ad Hoc? I loved it.

Bruce Bethany

Please take the words "amazing" and "awesome" and lock them in a vault until...1. Some politician somewhere tells the truth (amazing) 2.
The Cubs win a World Series (awesome).

Boots in the Oven

As a Sox fan, I can't agree with you about the Cubbies. But thanks for the feedback.

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