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Saturday, 13 June 2009



Wow... I like to eat leftover frosting straight from the can with a butter knife, but I might have to try the saltine thing. :)


In my family it's chili cheese flavored fritos with cottage cheese to dip them in.


God help me, chili cheese fries from Carl's Junior - across the road from work. Once every six months. And deep-fried crumbed squid tentacles onna stick. Haven't had any this year yet...

Logan @ Boots in the Oven

Crystal- I'm to see you have as good of taste I thought you did : )

Laura- Wow. That is different. You'll have to introduce me to that some day.

Ling- I have no idea how one gets deep-fried squid tentacles to stay on a stick but I want it!


Logan - check this link out, click on "sotong onstik":

"Sotong" is Malay for squid... Old Chang Kee is one of Singapore's favourite street food purveyors...


I like the way you think! Salty crackers, plus crazy sweet frosting, equals yum! But what about the trans fats? Wah wah.

Albany Jane

Geez, it's like I fall in love with you guys more and more each day! (Way to be all healthy with the craft ;) )

Albany Jane

Ack! I mean Kraft!

Oh, the blasphemy!

Logan @ Boots in the Oven

Ling- Thanks for the link. OnStik is entirely too awesome!

Gastronomer- It's definitely a good combo. As for transfats, they'll just have to get in line with everything else that's vying to kill me.

Jane- You're totally forgiven. This time. Hmm. Healthy is one way to look at it...

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