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Tuesday, 09 June 2009



What a fun find! We'll have to check it out with you sometime :-)

Your blog looks great! I'm not sure what changed but I like it. Nose job or a haircut maybe?


Sigh. A decent carne asada burrito here sets me back 30 Singapore dollars (about USD20 - please don't get a heart attack). I really miss my local taqueira back in Chicago now...


Kick ass find! The excitement of tasting something new is unparalleled. It keeps me going on this strange and long food hunt that has become my life ;-)


I've always wanted to participate in my fair share of taco trucks but I have a major lingering worry- I'm vegetarian. Is there any hope for finding veggie-esk options at some of these places? Or have I spoiled my chances here? I'd love to try them but I don't want to show up acting like some jack-ass expecting someone to accommodate my annoying food habits.

Keep up the good work representing austin food!

Albany Jane

You guys are giving me deliciously naughty ideas of what and where to go in NYC this weekend.

Logan @ Boots in the Oven

Thanks Jodi-we should definitely go! Blog's the same we just got it some new summer pants and bit of a tan...

Ling- Holy Crap! I think I could by out most of the taquerias around here for $20!

Gastronomer- ain't that the truth? It really does keep things interesting.

Keeley- A lot of taco trucks have good veggie options! Most of the breakfast items are veg. along with nopales, rajas, various squashes and avocado. The enchiladas potositas at La Fogata are actually vegetarian. (I would check with any place to see if they use lard though.)
Places like Torchy's, Izzoz, and Taco Deli all have good specialty vegetarian options as well.

Albany Jane- I like the way you think! We wanna hear all about it!


yum! where is it?


Sounds so good... we need to make a date to try Los Huaraches together. It's on Cesar Chavez, and I haven't really seen huaraches sold many places in Austin.

Logan @ Boots in the Oven

Hey Elizabeth- I added the address to the bottom of the post. Thanks for pointing it out.

Crystal- we're totally there! I had my first huarache at La Condesa but I have a feeling that's like having your first po' boy in Minnesota...


Yummy yummy Man deberian de abri uno aqui en houston tx :)

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