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Sunday, 19 July 2009


Jerk McFactchecker

Don't shortchange yourself. Texas is bigger than all the countries in Europe (you know, if you throw out Russia, Turkey and one of the 'Stans)


Great caption and photo. Looking good cuz.


Um..... yum, I will be going there tomorrow. A perfect rare/ medium rare burger.


Yeah, but... rare/medium burger? I think I'm the only person who thinks hamburger meat should be fully cooked. Well, me and food safety nuts. I love me some rare steak, but red/pink burgers gross me out. :)

Logan @Boots in the Oven

J. M. - I need to dig up an atlas but I'm feeling what your saying.

Jeremy- Thanks man! Hope you, Gail, and that adorable baby are doing awesome!

Maggie-Let me know what you think.

Crystal-Ground beef should definitely be cooked all the way if the meat isn't super fresh and processed on site. I'm probably too trusting but if somebody serves me a rare-ish burger (my personal preference) I feel that it's an implicit statement about the quality and handling of the product. Rachel is in your camp and that's why the two of you can hang out more after I die of enterohemorrhagic toxin.

And for the record I just realized the magazine doesn't hit shelves until tomorrow (Wednesday) so that could explain the lack of activity.


aw, no corpus christi burgers...oh well, in any other state i might be offended but the competition is pretty rough down there.

Rachel @ Boots in the Oven

Wow, that's pretty surprising! I just looked through the list, and the closest is in Port Aransas, which is still like an hour... damn, this is a big state.

Pat Sharpe

Dear L. Pants (This means Larger Pants??? Those are definitely what I needed when I was doing research for Texas Monthly's burger story, but I digress). Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for actually going and EATING the Counter Cafe's burger before commenting! Most readers just jump straight to the part where they disagree and beat us up--it's so much more fun that way. And thank you for paying attention and noticing the little burger details that make all the difference, like whether the meat is too flat or too fat and whether it's salted enough and whether the tomato is ripe, and on and on. Keep on postin'. Take care, Pat Sharpe, Food Editor, Texas Monthly (Oh, The top-50 list is now on my blog, "Eat My Words," and all the write-ups are on our web site texasmonthly.com.)

Logan @ Boots in the Oven

Hey Pat- My pleasure. We always try to get into the details here at Boots. And if you have a similar story coming up, I've got a few spare pair of burly-man sized pants. Just let me know. I'll definitely check out the write ups on your blog too.

gary marburger

burgers are somewhat of a food passion of mine and while i agree on many fronts with your review of counter cafe's burger, personally, i don't think it holds up to have a top five rank. i can still smell CC on me as i return to write this form lunch there. while this may be preference, i thought the doughy bun-although tasty, was not in balance with the smallish patty. 2. the cheese was anything but sharp and none of the three of us could even taste the cheese. 3. (IMO: critical flaw if a burger goes pickle-less) 4. my order of fries were actually crispy - so i didn't mind the diner-grease taste. all true on the rest of the freshness of veggies. fries aside (disgusting), my favorite burger is at "Elevation" where the grass-fed beef is ground onsite,their pickles are homemade, and you can't miss the cheese. call me crazy but try one first.


Dude almost 70% percent of the state is farmland or desert, nothing really impressive. I rather take quality over quantity.

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