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Friday, 24 July 2009



Slightly spooky here, Logan - I've been looking at Rick Bayless' and Diana Kennedy's recipes for sopes just this week, and have plans to get some masa harina later. Will probably do a shredded carnitas-style filling or a chorizo & potato one.


Mmmm, sopes... although sopas can be good, too. :)


Sopes are definitely my fave of the three. If you haven't had huaraches(guaraches written by some), you should definitely try them out as well.


Hmp. And this place is no more'n a dozen blocks from my house, and I've never stopped there. I foresee that I'll have to run over some Saturday when I don't feel like cooking lunch.

David Ansel

Thanks for that bit of investigative journalism... I've always wondered what sopes were but, being El Vendedor Ambulante De Sopas (according to google translate), was always afraid to ask anyone.


Hey! I started reading your guys' blog a few weeks ago after discovering it on Addie Broyles's blogroll. Love the writing and the pictures are great too!

We live in Austin too and started blogging a few months ago. Hopefully we'll get to meet you guys at an event someday. :)

Logan @ Boots in the Oven

Ling- if you make sopes, we're coming over. At the very least you have to let us know how they turn out!

Crystal- don't mock me with your awesome bilingual knowledge!

RudeNun- We've had huaraches before but they were so hard I almost chipped a tooth. I'm definitely on the hunt for some good ones as they seem right up my alley.

Marchbanks- It's totally worth a quick, tasty stop. And cheap too.

David- I've always said you were as El Vendedor Ambulante De Sopas. It's good to get a little vindication. Glad I could help.

Nicole- Glad you like the blog! Have you been in Austin long? Hope we meet up soon.


Logan - only managed to secure masa harina today! We made do with homemade tortillas de harina con manteca de cerdo to mop up the carnitas, guac and salsa mexicana I made...

This will be a project for the weekend - will let you both know how it turns out. Am pondering recipes and methods... !


Damn guys, that sounds good! Save me some!



Having now tried them out, I can tell you one thing--GO EARLY if yer goin' at all. I stopped in one Saturday mid-afternoon on the way back from Home Despot with a load of building materials, 'cos, you know, it was mid-afternoon and that, and I really didn't feel like trying to fix a lunch for myself. And swear to Ghu, seemed like they were out of EVERYthing. They finally managed to cobble me together a barbacoa something-or-another, but I was really underwhelmed by the amount of "we're out of that"s I got.

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