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Sunday, 09 August 2009



Yay! We have to go back to this place soon... it's just so darn lovely in there...


Aw, we are in blogger sync! I blogged about East Side Show Room earlier today. Funny.

Your photos are a bajillion times more gorgeous, though. Love them...and your post...as always.


happy to see you've checked this place out. a friend and i went here for a nightcap(s) after a crazy good dinner at little thailand. i had the absinthe cocktail and a gibson made with house-made pickles that were both pretty damn good. between the ambiance (old silent buster keaton flick projected on a brick wall), cool and personable crew and a creative menu, it appears they have got a good thing going. holla the next time you two go!

Rachel @ boots in the oven

We so do, Crystal! And this time, I'm ordering that Pink Pony. Wednesday? Eh?

Thanks, Optimista! Glad to see you liked the entrees - the shrimp and grits look SO good.

Adam, glad you liked it too! I need to try that Gibson; I'm a sucker for anything with pickles, and if they're housemade, well...


stormy weather this week for the islands. However, restaurants get more people during the day in that situation.

Rachel @ boots in the oven

I saw, Ron! You're on Oahu, right? Logan was on the big island and Kauai, but he's actually in the air on his way home as we speak.


Pink pony was indeed great.

They also do some very good grits dishes (although they said they source their grits locally which i'm skeptical of; but i'll follow up and see).

happy hour special plate is an excellent deal.

I think their drink costs are about a dollar or two high for the pour but they are hand crafted unique amazingness.

Rachel @ boots in the oven

They told us the same thing about the grits, which definitely made me cock an eyebrow - but we didn't follow up either! Let us know if you find anything out.

I have to get that happy hour plate - it sounds really good.

Thanks for commenting!


local grits?

I must know! I did love the pink pony and thought the carrot cocktail was lovely as well. Love the big ice.

Can't wait to go back and try the food!


I love that chard vase thing! So cute!

Rachel @ boots in the oven

Right, Jenna! It's interesting that they're telling people the grits are local - I really want to know from where. And I wanna pink pony!

Su-Lin, isn't that a cute idea? I might steal it for particularly pretty broccoli rabe or something.

Sexy Emo Girl

Great photos! Wanna eat =)


So I talked with Sonya and they use organic grits (but not local). Last night was bob's red mill organic grits (regular, not course) although I think they source Anson Mills as well depending on what the ordering & delivery schedule is. Sad that there aren't locally sourced available but I would be pleasantly shocked to fine good corn locally (available more than one week of the year).

Also - their greens are sublime & amazing; perfectly cooked local goodness. oh - & honey brulee - very nice.

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