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Tuesday, 11 August 2009



Okay, I've gotta make this bread tonight.

Denise in Texas

Reading this post is making my mouth water and stirring fabulous memories of my husband and I eating "cheese-bread" late one night under the Eiffel Tower a couple of years ago! Thanks for both recipe and memory!.


Le cake! Love it! What a coincidence, I just made something eerily similar. It was using a recipe from David Lebovitz's Sweet Life in Paris http://gastronomyblog.com/2009/07/31/goat-cheese-and-olive-bread/

We're always cooking alike. I like it!


That bread is beautiful! Makes me wanna move so *I* can have housewarming gifts ;-)

Angela Martin Kobrick

Hi Rachel & Logan - this is an extremely random post, but I'm just now reading Julie & Julia, which is hilarious and makes me want to stay at home all day and cook...

Also, have been following your recent goings-on through the Beth-to-Terry-Network (BTN), so wanted to say a long overdue hello. Love the blog, too!(this cheesy bread looks amazing)


OK I WANT THIS NOW. NOW!! oh be still my beating heart!!

Rachel @ boots in the oven

Ryan, I'm considering making it again today with cheddar and pimentos (like a pimento cheese bread). Too easy!

Denise, it's amazing how closely food and memory are tied. Definitely give the recipe a try - it'll be just like being back in Paris (well... not quite...)

Cathy, that is too cool! And the bread looks amazing. I might have to try that recipe as well.

April, next time I bake, I can totally set aside some bread - you don't even have to move! Thanks so much for the okra, btw.

Angela, it's so great to hear from you! We saw some shots of your wedding, which looked just beautiful. Reading Julie & Julia did the same thing to me!

Ling, it's so good, I promise! Wish I could ship you some...


I'm so proud of you!

I saw those yummy recipes in Food & Wine, too, and plan to make some when we return from Hawaii. :)

Rachel @ boots in the oven

Crystal, we should have a baking party when you return! As long as you remind me to add the butter at the appropriate time...

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