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Monday, 19 October 2009



Possibly the best use of "allegedly" I've ever experienced. Brava!


Aw, so sorry you had such a bad experience there! I've had a couple meals there that I really enjoyed, including one during last year's ARW, but haven't been since - maybe they've slid a bit. Too bad.


The first thing I noticed was that all the sauces look the same! Sorry about your not so great meal.


Aw, guys! Not Roy's! Especially not after such good eating in Hawaii ;-) Wah wah.


I'd always been curious about Roy's. Now I know. Thank you for jumping on this grenade for the rest of us. At least the plating is fairly attractive.


have you considered sending stuff back? especially that fish would have qualified for a redo --

Boots in the Oven

Ha - thanks, Susan! I honestly couldn't tell if there was lobster in there or not! Could have been shrimp, or chicken, or or or...

Optimista, perhaps. I'm glad you had a good experience, though! And I did like that poke.

Su-Lin, isn't it strange? Why are they all that odd brownish?

Gastronomer, we certainly learned a very important lesson that day - but it seemed like an OK idea at the time!

Ryan, you're welcome :sweeping bow:. Yes, the desserts, especially, looked pretty.

AP, I very rarely send things back, because then I feel like an ass... but if something's inedible, or bizarrely off-kilter, I will. I probably should have in this case, because then at least they'd know, right?


Penny De Los Santos

in typical "Boots" fashion, you two rocked it with this post. Bummed I missed you all during restaurant week. Keep up the great work!

Albany Jane

Yikes! For some reason restaurant weeks are always such a bust. I don't know if it's the prepping for volume or what, but eeEeee. The non-restaurant week appy looked good!

Boots in the Oven

Thanks so much, Penny! Your radish post is completely stunning, by the way... I am definitely going to have to give that recipe a try! Bummed we missed you, too - I hope all is well!

AJ, this was the first restaurant week we'd done - Green Pastures was very good, and Roy's was, well, you know. I heard some horror stories about a place called Hudson's on the Bend, which Zagat just called one of the top 5 restaurants in town - apparently their restaurant week was awful!


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