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Wednesday, 09 December 2009


Bratley Cooper

Great "rendition" of the event! All my love and appreciation for being YOU!


Bratley Cooper

By the way, there was a "dollop" of honey and two tablespoons of sugar added to the batter prior to baking. (Sorry about being soooooooo specific about the sugar measurement!!!!!) Nothing else is "officially" measured according to the "original" recipe. The original required "a handful of shortening", "just enough milk" and "working just enough flour (self-rising)" to attain the necessary consistancy to the batter. There, you now know all that I do about cathead biscuits!


Bratley Cooper

Not melted butter, although that's acceptable. MaNean used bacon grease, I use vegetable oil or something comparable.


I just want to say that Justin would have totally had the wood chopping thing down- his coat was just a little restricting. Seriously. Ask him.

Bratley Cooper

He's invited to return at his convenience for further "instruction". It's good therapy - right up there with getting out the chainsaw to cut down and dismember a tree. (At least that's good therapy for me!)

Dad (AKA GQ)

Boots in the Oven

ARGH! Apparently we didn't do a very good job learning how to make these biscuits... perhaps I should have made Logan (you know, the guy who was standing there and paying attention) write this bad boy up.

Johnny A.

Cat food cartoon!

Boots in the Oven

Uh huh. Topical?

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