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Wednesday, 13 January 2010



Thanks for the great app tips! My app store is busy downloading now.


Hmmm, might have to try Best Camera. I forgot that we have Hipstamatic, a camera app that makes your photos look all vintagey cool. :)


Some of my favorites include:

myLite - great for on-the-fly lighting to help dig your keys out of your purse or, more importantly, lighting food for blog shots in dark restaurants.

AroundMe - find the closest gas station, grocery store, bar, hotel, or get more specific and look for the closest Target. Great for travel.

CheckPlease - lazyman's way to easily calculate tip and figure out everyone's share in a large group.

ebay - for the bargain shopping addict, like me.

iGarageSale - ditto - pulls garage sale ads from Craigslist and maps them for you!

vlingo - voice recognition app for searching your phone book, updating your Facebook status, or Googling.

TrainerLite - uses your phone's GPS to track your distance when you're walking or running.

Games: Katamari, CatchaMouse, Pipe Lite, Hearts Free, WSOP (world series of poker) Free, Words Free.


How did I miss IMDB? I need that! Some of my fav's are Seafood Watch from Monterey Bay Aquarium, Ratio, and Evernote.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Oh I love Wallace & Gromit; didn't know about the app! Yay! My current addiction...rather plain and boring but UNO. YES it's $5, but I swear to you, it might be the best $5 I've ever spent. It's also the only app I have so far that I've paid for (haven't had the iPod Touch for even a month yet, so give me time). Oh I also have Yoga Stretch (I think $1?) but my back has hurt the past few days so I haven't gotten into it yet BUT it sure does look nice :)

miriam dema

i post pics from my iphone to my blog pretty often and the apps i use the most are:
Mobile Fotos -i generally prefer this app to the flickr app. it allows some things the flickr app does not.
Camera Bag -love the holga camera in this app.
Genius -love the big button function in this app. really great for when you want to geek out and take your own picture. all you have to do is hold your arm out and touch any part of the screen.
Quad Camera -love this for multi course meals like dim sum. it takes 4 pics to one frame!
Photogene -great for on the go editing. love to bump the contrast and saturation before i throw them up on flickr.

Boots in the Oven

You guys are AWESOME! Thanks so much for all the recommendations on new apps - how many pages can my iPhone hold, again?

Looks like I'm going to be playing with the various camera apps a lot more. I had no idea there were so many good ones out there! And I'm thrilled about Seafood Watch; less guilt while sitting down to a seafood dinner would be awesome.

UNO sounds rockin', too!


As a result of this amazing post I've now added: Best Camera, IMDb, and Urban Spoon. Thank you, Rachel!

Other apps I like include:
KUT 90.5
WordPress - For on the go blogging
YPmobile - Local Search
iTacos - Taco Journalism App

Games that my younger cousins like to play on my phone include Sally's...Lite, and Tap Tap Revenge 3.

I just wrote a similar (but much less detailed post) on apps to get your eat on for a work blog: http://mobilisms.com/eating-mobile.html

Boots in the Oven

Thanks for the recs, Jodi! I've downloaded Epicurious and spent several hours yesterday looking at cocktail recipes. I'll definitely have to check out Mando's iTacos! And your post on mobilisms is definitely interesting.


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