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Thursday, 11 March 2010



Odd place?


Hit the return key to early... Great review, wish I lived in your area so I could also follow and feed.

Sarah C.

I've only been there once and it was a couple of years ago, but my experience definitely fell on the unbelievable delicious end of the spectrum. I guess at the time Vora was obsessed with vanilla because I had a vanilla roasted quail (that blew my mind) and a Tahitian vanilla creme brulee which remains the BEST creme brulee I've ever had.

carla c.

This review fits Jezebel to a T. I had a similarly bizarre meal there. Part genius, in an odd way, part just odd.

A. R. Olson

Hmmm. WHICH Uncle is that?

Albany Jane

What an odd concept of a place to eat. It seems overly fussy/poorly executed. Just too much of one thing, which underscores another +/-.

I'd cut the filet as a partner with shank - they're just so different... it's hard to eat either one without comparing quality.

I wouldn't have been happy with all of the cardamom either - too much of it makes for an upset stomach, which isn't exactly how I'd want to leave a so-so dining experience.


And this is why I love reading your writing:

"Dinner here is a crap shoot. You might have the most delicious thing you’ve had in years; you might end up with a Franken-mess of fruit-sauced, pickled fish and a side of cheese. There’s really no telling."


Boots in the Oven

Thanks for the comments, all y'all!

Thank you, RB!

See, Sarah, that's totally what we'd heard about the place! Sometimes the flights of fancy are delicious, sometimes... well.

Carla, exactly.

Heh, Nana... let's just go with... "uncle". :-)

AJ, seriously - and I'm a fan of the cardamom! Thanks for the Ann Arbor blog, btw!

Thank you so much, Natanya!

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