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Sunday, 21 March 2010


To Kiss The Cook

Jason has been on tour since February 27th and isn't done till May 19th...totally totally get where you're coming from. He'll be home for Easter but not much other than that. It's tough but it's a great time to pick up projects and I'm using the down time to get back my winter layer worked off.

Per Ann Arbor? You're going to love it. Namely because for food people, it contains one of the single best markets in the country...Zingermans. Check out the website and consider taking one of their baking workshops during a visit to see Logan. Called Bake with Zing, I think. My boss used to work with their fromager so I'll ask for some restaurant recs!


YES to Zingerman's. Also, there is (or, at least, was) a wonderful little Korean dive in Ann Arbor called Steve's Lunch. And delicious Chicago hot dogs (with waffle fries) at Chicago Dog House/Red Hot Lovers.

I can probably get you some recommendations in Grand Rapids, if you need those, too. A dear friend of mine grew up there and his family still lives there.


Ker-azy! I have no food recs but hope that all goes well!


I studied at UMich-Ann Arbor...for a semester before I quit. I didn't explore the food scene but did explore the state quite a bit before leaving! I highly recommend a road trip as it is quite a beautiful place.
Some pics to whet your travel appetite:


Envy squared. A2 is awesome.

He should park himself at Zingerman's and not leave til they offer him an internship, or something. That place is genius - not only for their incredible food sleuthing, but for their management style. (And if he can get into the women's bathroom, he'll find on the wall a story I wrote about them in 1998, to pay for the cost of a househunting trip to move to A2 for a year.)

If he's interested in food history, a friend of mine, former pro cook, is now the cookbook-collection curator at the U Mich libraries.

Boots in the Oven

Nice - thanks so much for the information and sympathies, guys! I can't wait to get up there with him to do some exploring.

He stopped into Zingerman's today and was totally wowed. Says it's going to take him a couple of days to feel up to ordering a pastrami sammich.

To Kiss the Cook, I should take the time to work off my winter layer, too - we'll see. :-)

Sandra, awesome! I'll go check them out now!

Maryn, how cool. He completely fell in love with Zingerman's. And your friend has such a neat job!

Optimista, Grand Rapids recs would be great! He heads there at the end of the week.


I'll second (or is it fifth) the Zingerman's recommendation - on a more low-brow note, he should also try Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger in AA for a double.

Boots in the Oven

Awesome. I want a double burger right now... it's really cool that there are all these delicious sandwiches to try in Michigan!


I went to school there. So many recs! Here is a list to get you started:

Blimpy Burger
Backroom Pizza
Red Hot Lovers
Seva (sweet potato fries ftw)
Fleetwood (hippy hash)
Cafe Zola
Pizza House (chipati's - a sorority girl fave)
Village Corner (wine retail shop and fun convenience store)
Ashley's (dozens of beer on tap)
Dominick's (famous sangria)

I'm hungry now!


Be sure and tour Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids; don't miss the 24 foot tall bronze Da Vinci horse.


And don't forget the Holland, MI Spring Tulip Festival: http://holland.org/

I'm not from MI but I really enjoyed those places when I visited a boyfriend working in K-zoo.

Boots in the Oven

Jodi, AWESOME. Thanks for the list! Looks like he'll be there for several months, and I'm hopefully going to be making lots of trips back and forth - this is a great start!

Thank you, musingegret! The Holland tulip festival is the first thing that sprang to mind when I found out he'd be in Michigan - I've wanted to go for years! I went to summer camp in Decatur and remember hearing all about it as a child.

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