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Tuesday, 09 March 2010



If you're going to send folks that far from Central ATX for a bahn mi, might I rec a spot that will save a little time and get them a better sandwich? I finally made a trip to Baguette House last weekend, and it just doesn't measure up to the goodness that is Tam Deli. As a bonus, start off with the much lauded yam and shrimp fritters....


Thanks for the guide! We're only going to be at sxsw for a couple of days this year, but this will be helpful for that and our future trips to Austin!

Rachel @ boots in the oven

poryorick, glad you like Tam! Their banh cuon kick ass (as do the yam/shrimp cakes you mentioned). Their sandwiches are delicious as well but I've got to give a slight edge to Baguette House because their housemade bread is so damn delicious. Close call though.

Foodtease, I'm so glad you're coming to town - welcome! I hope you have a wonderful time. Drop us an email if you ever feel like a little company out on the town.


I've been to a lot of Foodie websites and this is the best one, ever!

Chris Broussard

Call it blasphemy, but I still prefer Salvation pizza to Homeslice. For the record, I really like the banh mi at both Tam Deli and Baguette House. BH is much cheaper and maybe a bit more authentic to me. My holy trinity of sandwiches - chargrilled pork banh mi + fully dressed shrimp & oyster po-boy + muffaletta from any of the New Orleans institutions. The meatball sub at Enoteca Vespaio is just outside the top 3!

Stephanie Klein

Love this list of yours! I hadn't ever heard of that candy shop! Very excited to bring my kids (and bigger husband kid). xo

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, RB!

Chris, we have to try Salvation again... we had a pretty bad clam pie there, but it was probably almost three years ago. Must return!

Thank you, Stephanie! Oh man, to be a kid in that candy shop. It's most awesome to see middle-aged and older folks rediscover the candies of their childhoods.

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