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Wednesday, 29 September 2010



That calzone looks like an old man smiling. I like it.

Also, the word "nephlet"? That is awesome.


I love that this post and the old one of Nephlet at Christmas both have pictures of Logan in a post-pigout coma.


Those oysters look divine!

Boots in the Oven

Love the comparison - now I'm wondering how I didn't see it!

What are we going to do when the nephlet is taller than me? He can't be a nephlet any more...

Boots in the Oven

Ha! That would be a funny photo series... I'll have to see if I have any more.

Boots in the Oven

Thank you, Donna! I can't wait to get back to Texas and have some Gulf ones.


Check your bill at this place! I really hate finding a different amount on my charge card then was on the receipt. I always check my receipts at the end of the month..and guess what..our waiter (also a manager) had added more to his tip than clearly written. Then when I went back to the restaurant and showed them (Rachel) and asked for the manager to call me left my cell # w/Rachel, the manager did not return my call..so I went back to the restaurant in Florence and again asked for the manager and I was given another run around.
Bad customer relations..not sure if we will go back...watch your money at this place....

sonja boyd

So sad. We have been to ICM exactly two times. The first left us wanting seconds and thirds on the razor clams and fish and chips. Today we went with the family to enjoy what we thought was going to be good food. I ordered the combo pasta with sausage shrimp and scallops with veggies spinach and a olive oil white whine sauce...ya right what I got was under cooked pasta with lumps of a pork like substance way under cooked scallops with enough sand to make a sand castle with. Oh and the shrimp...it mise well have been chewing gum. The suppossed vegetables? ??..7leaves of spinach on top. My husband ordered the captain's platter bit all he received was about a half cup of greasy pieces of what might have been food at one time. The best part he said was the mashed potatoes ...at a sea food restaurant. The worst part wad the had the gaul to charge over 20 dollars per meal. We will never return. If ICM hired a new cook fire him.

Boots in the Oven

Oh dear, Sonja! I'm sorry to hear that.


I have decided to start with do NOT eat here, if you need to know why I wont read below. needless to say I was VERY upset & I am not surprised that they can not keep the tables full. I feel they are way over priced but the poor service & deception will keep me from ever returning .. . .

Well, I read some great reviews for this place (maybe the owner posted em) & Monday afternoon may not have been the best time to try it out. 1st shrimp scampi special only has shrimp (no pasta) waitress even forgot the roll that was supposed to come w/ it. it did come with a Caesar salad but it was served as part of the meal, not prior as expected. waitress was quite bothered that I would ask such a thing, we felt VERY UNWELCOMED, anyways I ordered the seafood combo plate admirals or captains(cant remember) well it was ok, 2 over-sized fish sticks a few fried shrimp, oysters & scallops came with chowder or salad, I used my free chowder coupon but was not "allowed" a salad also, plz note the coupon was given at the door as they were luring people in anyway possible. this sadly was the 1st place we saw or I feel we would not have stopped due to the poor attendance. food was ok, fried oysters were very good , service was VERY POOR! the shrimp scampi must had been from a day or 2 prior and translucent in its sea of butter & oil, I refused to even try it. had to beg for the bill, beg to get my CC back. wait staff NEVER returned to see how things were. I was actually out of my chair chasing them more than trying to enjoy my food.
I will never go back and really don't know why I left a tip.
BTW all you can eat crab is now $65.00 NOT the $45 the advertise, so I decided to rent traps (pot) from another local business & caught close to 10 pounds the very next afternoon, having my own all you can eat dinner for about 25 bucks.
while crabbing I went & ate next door at MO's, its a bit crowded & noisy but food & service was top notch. lunch about 1/2 the price @ Mo's

ICM * (1 star) spent alot $$$$ and very disappointing food & service 9 surprisingly the special menu is the same price as the regular menu

MO's ***** (5 stars) be happy eat at Mo's or try another on Harbor ave, I know I will.

I have stayed on the docks for 3 days now & have yet to see any fisherman deliver here & if they did wouldn't the prices be more reasonable, I just dont get it

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