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Thursday, 20 January 2011



We traveled the world, oh, 15 years ago or so. Here's a place in S. Africa we loved that was fantastically empty:


And we swam (also w/ very few other tourists)with Penguins here in S. Africa:


...and in Brazil, we hiked on the beach south of Canoa Quebrada for 3 days. There are cheap little beach hotels along the way, and restaurants that serve fresh-caught fish and lime cocktails or beer. Lovely. This last might be more crowded by now -- Brazil's grown more affluent in the last 15 yrs. Have a wonderful trip!


Guys - am currently living in Holland now, but am more than happy to give you both the lowdown on Singapore - hell - am a born and bred! I can put you both in touch with friends here, and if your trip happens to coincide with one that I may make back there, it'll be FAB to meet up!

What info would you like on Brazil? Spent three weeks there over the Carnaval period (yes we took part in the Rio de Janeiro samba parade), and I have a bunch of friends in Rio and Sao Paulo. You would do well to pick up some rudimentary Portuguese...

China - can give you info about Beijing and Hong Kong (hang on you've been to HK already I think?).

Drop me an e-mail!



Oh and I've got a good friend in Istanbul too! He teaches filmmaking in one of the universities there, Yankee dude who's lived there for almost 7 years now.

Boots in the Oven

Thank you so much for commenting, Tavolini! I will definitely check out your archives and drop you an email. We'd love to hear about a neat area in South Africa - that part of the trip is still pretty nebulous.

Boots in the Oven

Thank you for heading over here to comment, Diana! I WANT TO SWIM WITH PENGUINS. I didn't even know I did until this moment, but now I'm consumed. And the Maitlands look stunning! Logan loved the dunes of Traverse City so much this summer, I have to get him back near some.

Boots in the Oven

Ling! I wish you were still in Singapore, but Holland sounds just wonderful. Have you been eating a lot of pancakes? We would love eating and seeing information about anywhere you can give us (we're greedy that way) and it would be so cool to meet up in Singapore! What time of year do you normally travel back there?

And a friend in Istanbul! How cool! We'd love to meet him.


I am so excited to follow along with you on your travels, Rachel and Logan! I'll be travelling vicariously through you.

Kenyan Foodie

Oooooh lucky you! You should really try to squeeze Morocco in there if you can. My recommendations for Kenya and India:

Kenya - Nairobi:
Hashmi's (Indian Food)
Seven (Seafood)
Tamambo's (Local chic)
Rolf's Place
Abyssinia (Ethiopian)
Yusra (Somali)
About Thyme
Avalon Tavern
Haru (Japanese)
Miami (good local "Nyama Choma")
I personally think the Carnivore Restaurant is a little overrated and nowadays mostly relies on the fact that most tourists inevitably are pointed their way. Instead, go to the Safari Park where you can catch the stunning Cat Dancers too: http://www.safaripark-hotel.com/?p=entertainment&title=safari-cats-dancers-and-acrobats

Kenya - Mombasa:
Tamarind (book in advance for the dhow)

See http://www.eatout.co.ke for more details on most of the above. It's the best restaurant guide for Kenya.

India - Mumbai:
Mahesh Lunch Home (make sure you try the prawn ghassi)
Goa Portuguesa
Pani Poori at Elco Market
Juhu Chowpaty

Also, another great tip for sensitive stomachs is that when you get to a country, you should eat local yoghurt as soon and often as possible so your stomach gets used to the local bacterias.

Email me while you are in Kenya if you need any help! Best of luck!

Boots in the Oven

Yay, Jodi! I love that people will be reading - hopefully it will keep me updating!

Boots in the Oven

Oh my goodness, Kenyan Foodie, you are AWESOME. I will copy these down and would love to meet up if we're in Kenya at the same time!

I like the yogurt tip - I've been hearing I should be eating good live bacteria yogurt now, to get my system revved up. Time for a trip to the store!

And I wish we could fit Morocco in... it's just on the other side of the continent. I definitely pushed for it, though.


Oh this is great news! This is going to be such an amazing adventure. If you end up in London you have to stay with me. I know London isn't on your list but since it's a transport hub, keep that info in your back pocket!


This is great news! I'm so excited for you guys. I see London isn't on the list. Since it's a transport hub, if you end up here you have to stay with me. Or at least we have to have a good meal together!


First one didn't post, now they are both there. Haha, I can't win.


Rachel, our friend Liz lives in NZ - you may have met her at the wedding. She's a film maker and super cool. I'll make sure you guys get hooked up.


You sound good on vaccinations, but check the CDC "yellow book" (http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/yellowbook/2010/table-of-contents.aspx). A polio booster is a good idea. Looking at your list, you might need malaria prophylaxis too, which is never fun. But you probably had that before.

So envious. :-)

Boots in the Oven

Thank you so much, Laura! I hope we do get to come through London - that would be GREAT.

Boots in the Oven

yay! We would love that! And it was so lovely getting to lunch with you and Esme.

Boots in the Oven

Yup, I think we're bringing the anti-malaria stuff - wonderful about how long you get to take it. :-)

Thank you so much, Maryn!

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